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    I have a suggestion, what if you re-enable Dimmer option again with only three options.

    1- bottom darkening only

    2- top darkening only

    3- bottom and top darkening (as it is currently)

    I think that these options will suit all users and will satisfy all tastes

    One last thing I forgot to tell you yesterday.

    There is an overlap between the lines in Packet management and broken letters in Plugin browser as shown in the pictures.


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    I just modified skin.xml to convert gradient from Bottom to Top to be from Top to Bottom to show the title and details more clearly with very bright pictures.

    I modified the gradation to fit with plugin browser Banner left and Main menu Banner left.


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    You've moved the shadows or darkness from top to bottom in Main menu Banner left

    While what I want is to reduce and move the shadows or darkness from bottom to top in plugin browser Banner left

    What I mean is to reduce and move darkness of plugin browser Banner left to the top to make the title and details more visible such as Main menu Banner left.

    Thanks anyway.


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    Hello zombi

    I like the changes you've made, great work.

    I added some details to the default channel list using photoshop

    If you like it, I hope you add these changes.


    Ich weiss warum john44 das so möchte.Die Tommys fahren voll auf den SlySkin von Kiddac ab.Das sieht wohl wie der original Skin in den ihren Resi aus.Ich finde das Dein Skin mit der Kanalliste der beste des E2 Universums ist.

    Für die viele Arbeit kannste Dir ja mal ein Bier ausgeben lassen über Paypal?

    I am a fan of Freesat Skin.

    Also a fan of Zombi Skin.

    What I want is to make Zombi Skin more symmetrical like Freesat Skin.

    Everything is elegant and organized. Simple and powerful.

    That's what I hope to see in E2 universe.

    Strange problem, I don't know what happened!

    Yesterday everything was fine until today i turned on the device to find that the time has disappeared :(


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    With DreamOS You can do anything you want

    Plugins ,Converter ,Renderer, ...

    You just have to learn how to do it

    As I said before, Nothing is impossible ;)