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    Ciao Zombi. Ero abituato a leggere le frequenti tue novità sulla skin e u pò mi mancano. La skin, in ogni caso, non ha bisogno di nulla, sta molto bene cosi :)

    Utilizzo la tua Skin su immagine Dream Elite e mi da un pò fastidio vedere nel menù generale il vuoto davanti alla riga Dream Elite Panel. Ci vorrebbe un piccolo logo "DEP". So che sarebbe una personalizzazione da chiedere al team DE. Mi risponderebbero di attendere una eventuale loro personalizzazione di tutta la skin, immagino con il tuo consenso. A me basterebbe riempire quello spazio vuoto. Potresti dirmi il percorso e ciò che occorre inserire, se non è complicato? Grazie molto.

    Hello Zombies. I used to read your frequent news on the skin and u kinda miss them. The skin, in any case, does not need anything, it looks very good like this :)

    I use your Skin on the Dream Elite image and it annoys me a little to see the blank in front of the Dream Elite Panel line in the general menu. It would take a small "DEP" logo. I know it would be a customization to ask the DE team. They would answer me to wait for a possible customization of the whole skin, I guess with your consent. For me it would be enough to fill that empty space. Could you tell me the path and what to enter, if it's not complicated? Thank you very much.


    Hello everyone.

    I would like to know if there is a version of the CiPlusHelper plugin compatible with the Gemini Gp4.1 that allows the use of the Black Smartcard and relative cam for viewing TvSat channels. Thank you

    Hi Sven H and thanks for the reply. On that character I prefer not to express myself because I would not have words to define him. So far I have used, not for long, maybe a year and a half, a few plugins of him, but for what is the way to do with him, it is better to let it go and completely abandon it. Submitting to his whims is truly maddening.

    Greetings to all and best wishes for a Happy New Year 2022.

    I would like to ask if it is possible to block updating an extension in order to avoid updating it. I noticed that it is possible, standing on the extension and pressing the menu key ù, to make the hand appear on the icon, which should indicate the stop for the update. But I also ascertained that it doesn't always work and, anyway, when you restart enigma2 this setting disappears. Is there a way to block the update until the same user decides to unblock it?

    Thank you

    If I had the skills to do it, I probably would have done it without asking. If I asked, it's not because it's important to have it, but simply because it seems like a more logical way of reading things. But as it is, it's fine anyway. For what you do I come back to thank you once again. But it's not nice to be told "don't read what I write" because it's not true, even if I don't understand German at all and I have to translate every time and it can happen that you don't remember what you read. And it's also not nice to be told you've said it 1,000,000 times.

    I salute you

    I was simply asking for the ability to swap the left - right panes of the two screenshot settings. The result obtained with the AMS, which only concerns the list of films, is different and the AMS must necessarily be kept active, even if the user does not wish to. Especially for the EPG, it would certainly be better read by inverting. But you can't have it all.

    Thanks anyway.

    Im nächsten update mach ich euch mal bei der Kanalinfo noch paar Zusatzinfos mit unten rein ,wer das eine oder andere eventuell in der Infobar die er gewählt hat vermisst ist das dann dort einsehbar:)

    If to get that information the upper part is also obscured, even if you have set transparent in styles, then it would be better not to have this information. As it is now it is perfect and goes very well with the infobar flat. With that update no more. That would be a real shame! I hope it doesn't.

    I wish you all a good day and a compliment to Zombi for the very nice latest changes :)

    However, I would like to point out the following:

    With the latest skin update, I noticed that almost exclusively half the screen is used in the recordings list, the right side. On the left there is only the indication of the available / used space at the bottom. To get the description of the event, press the info button. I wonder if it is not the case to show the description based on the event on which you are positioned, directly on the left side of the box, while leaving the information on the disk viewable in the lower part.

    Thanks for any attention.

    Ho appena constatato che sulla pagina 100 del thread di zombi RE: Zombi-Shadow-FHD propone la traduzione da tedesco a italiano, quindi correttamente, mentre sulla pagina 99 dello stesso thread propone la traduzione dall'inglese all'italiano. Non so da cosa possa dipendere. Io non ho fatto alcun intervento su chrome.

    Allego gli screenshot per documentare.

    I just found that on page 100 of the zombie thread RE: Zombi-Shadow-FHD post2275466 proposes the translation from German to Italian, therefore correctly, while on page 99 of the same thread it proposes the translation from English to Italian. I don't know what it could depend on. I haven't done any work on chrome.

    I attach screenshots to document.

    Scusate l'OT

    Apro sempre le pagine di questo thread per leggere le novità sulla skin.

    Da alcuni giorni, quando seleziono l'italiano per la traduzione, utilizzando Chrome, le scritte in tedesco non vengono tradotte perché nel riquadro che si apre viene indicata la traduzione "da inglese a italiano". Prima, evidentemente, compariva "da tedesco a italiano".Per poter avere la traduzione in italiano, occorre cambiare la lingua di partenza nel riquadro che si apre, ma ciò va fatto ogni volta. Veramente seccante., Vi è un altro modo per far comprendere a chrome che la lingua del sito è il tedesco e non l'inglese? Grazie

    Chiedo a Zombi di perdonarmi per l'OT. Magari dopo cancella l'intervento.

    Sorry for the OT

    I always open the pages of this thread to read the news on the skin.

    For some days now, when I select Italian for translation using Chrome, the German writings are not translated because the "English to Italian" translation is indicated in the box that opens. Before, obviously, it appeared "from German to Italian". In order to have the translation into Italian, it is necessary to change the source language in the box that opens, but this must be done every time. Really annoying., Is there another way to make chrome understand that the site language is German and not English? Thanks

    I ask Zombi to forgive me for the OT. Maybe cancel the surgery later.