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    Thanks for the info. Maybe you could tell me what my card is.

    I have the yellowhouse card, is it FreeSat or FreeSatFromSky? The card is a blue one with 'Sky' written on it. My guess is that is an FreeSatFromSky card.

    The EPG is only decoded for the 'freesat' channels (sky3, Channel4 HD, Five, Five USA, Fiver and ITV1 to 3) and the BBC1 till BBC4 channels.
    EPG is transmitted via BBC1 transponder (as far as I understand it) so tune in to BBC1 and wait a bit (actually quite some time) to see the EPG data being added.

    I use a EPG refresh timer that switches to BBC1 at 03.00 and waits 20 minutes to fill up the EPG.
    Works like a dream.

    I am paranoid enough. For sure.
    But I am not sure if I am able enough to detect such a thing.

    I never leave a port I don't need open and all boxes are on a NAT. Passwords are strong and I regularly check my network to weed out any threats, but as said, I am not a uber-Linux-guru.
    I more or less suspected these things, but never saw an actual example.

    But to quote another signature of mine:
    The absence of evidence is no evidence of absence.

    A clever programmer could steal the data he wants from you very easy with most reshare emulators.

    Might be time for some detection tools.


    Since a little while I am having problems with files > 2GB.
    I use a DM800 and DM7025 with gemini 4.1 and I record to a Ubuntu Server (8.04) box via NFS.
    In the past there was a switch in gemini to set the record file size to 1, 2 or 8GB.

    Either the switch is gone, or I cannot find it.

    Funny thing is, I still have recordings on the Ubuntu box that are way bigger than 2GB. I am unsure as to when the problem started. Just noticed today that newer recordings are clipped at 2GB.

    Is there a setting in Ubuntu Server NFS or the dreambox to enable files bigger than 2GB?

    To be honest, I don't know. I used it a while as a novelty to watch DVDs. But as I said, it is noisy and slow.
    Maybe you can burn downloaded stuff on it and it will work, but I never burn my downloaded movies.
    MKV should work, but I did not test it.
    Original HDDVD don't work, and I doubt it ever will.


    If I use File Manager, I can't go to my USB DVD drive and use the video_ts folder, as the file manager does not recognise it as a DVD structure. In fact it is right, it should be named VIDEO_TS.

    But the same folder works fine if I select it with DVD player.

    I like browsing to media through the file manager, could this behaviour be fixed? Or can I fix it myself?

    Or is there a way to mount the USB DVD drive with the names of files/folders passed in the correct case?

    I use autofs with the following entry:

    usbdvd -fstype=iso9660,ro,norock,nojoliet,map=off :/dev/cdroms/cdrom0

    First of all, thanks for another nice image.

    I do have a question about the aspect ratio settings.
    On gemini 3.8 if I set AV settings on:

    Color format: RGB
    Aspect Ratio: 16:9
    TV system: PAL
    WSS on 4:3 enable

    Then 4:3 transmissions are shown as 4:3 on my 16:9 TV. Black bars on both sides. Gemini OSD is 16:9.

    Now in 3.9 I can not seem to get the same setting.
    4:3 transmissions are stretched fullscreen.
    Even if I set it on 4:3 all content is shown as 16:9.
    Am I missing something here?

    Sorry, just saw the thread in german about the problem. I am using 3.9 on cf with a old version in flash.Probably that's the problem. Will flash the box tonight and will report back.

    I read (again) through the automount.conf thread on this board, and I think I get it now.
    There is currently a CVS image in flash, but I need a Gemini image in flash and then I can use autofs also in CF images?