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    to set your drive as region free, you have to do this on your PC, and it requires a modification to the drive firmware, that if the drive is not rated as region free.

    and no, you can not record/copy DVD's to the hard drive installed in your box, but surely you can do that on your PC.


    Originally posted by MyB5
    I now have a harddrive (hdd) on my DM600. Some people say it's not good to put a swapfile on the hdd. Shall I do it? Can someone enlight me on this issue? :danke:

    No, it is not a good idea to put the swap file on hard drives, because the hard drive will never go to sleep, and if enigma try to acces it while it is in sleep mode, it can slow your box down and may also lock it up.

    I never had a dm7000, but it sounds like your USB stick went bad. You can use any usb stick. For Compact Flash, I use Kensington brand, and it works fine on my DM7020, & DM7025.


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    from your signature, I guess you are the only one having a problem with the DM800. :winking_face:

    I am a little confused, you created a swap file in /media/hdd and it "lande on your PC in \pchdd"!!!!!!!!!!

    if you have an hd installed in your box, create the swap file on the hard drive, and start it as mentioned above.


    Originally posted by domcass......... Thanks to GenoSuave 'DreamBox God'

    I am sure you ment to say "Copy/Paste God" :winking_face:

    you recently registered also at ihadna, and in your first post there, you mentioned you have a dm7020 for 9 years, you mentioned the same thing in here, well if you do have a dm7020 for 9 years as you say, rest assure it is a clone. I am sorry to say this, but it is either you are a real mental case, which I doubt very much, or someone wants to start some garbage, and because of that, I banned you from ihadna, and i can assure you that the same will happen here if you do not drop the BS.



    Originally posted by suneclipse
    You should first consider that I could not even know that I had a cloned box when installing Gemini 4.3.1.

    Then case is clear and very strong for you, go report the SOB who sold you the clone to your local police station.

    My apology for writing a few words in cabs, just wanted to emphasize a few words. And I strongly disagree with you. You installed a software that was intended for a genuine dreambox, you said you didn't know that your box is not genuine, then take your box to the place you purchased it from and ask for your money back, or ask for a genuine dreambox, if they refuse, call the police. I hope you see my point in here, which is very clear.


    P.S.: From my post it could seem that I own a cloned box. Not true, I own a 600PVR after my 5620 died.

    Then why are we having this argument then? you should be enjoying The Gemini Project on your Genuine DM600PVR, and show some appreciation to the team that developed this awesome image for you, for free.


    Originally posted by asatuser
    One practical question:
    If clonebox users manage somehow to win this case on court, is it possible that some of the IHAD members go to jail because of that (according to EU/German regulations)?

    clonebox users!!!!!!!!!!!!! in court !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    common sense >>>>>> buying/receiving stolen property is a crime


    p.s: maybe it has been discussed on german language board, but I do not understand the language.

    Then I think you should start your own case where ever you are, and you can name me as a defendant in that case of yours.

    and just answer a little question, WHO PUT THE NEW SOFTWARE ON YOUR CLONEBOX? I sure didn't come to your house and installed it. You downloaded The gemini Project Version 4.3.1 for the DM500 "FOR THE DREAMBOX DM500" you download it and installed it on your clonebox while knowing that it is intended for the genuine dreambox, so, who wiped clean the boot loader on your clone? IT IS YOU M8.

    None of you people shouldn't be here, you should be busy J-Taging clones. and as I said it, I am saying it again, when you people have decency and respect to the most people who gave, still, and will be giving you everything you got, you might then get an answer, mean while, take your cloan loving members with you, and stay out of ihad, and ihadna.