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    Originally posted by Turbo2
    I was of the understanding that whilst recording a program I could watch another program from the same transponder....but it won't let me change channels it locks the channel on what it is recording...what am I doing wrong, done most things but can't get to view another channel ??


    You need the DM7025 to do it, you need dual tuners.


    Originally posted by Turbo2
    Hi Fergy
    Call me stupid if you want ( whooo, not so loud ! ) but I can connect with no problems via DCC through my wireless router but DCC won't use the nfi files and in your last post you said not to use Dreamup but to use DCC. I am confused :confused_face:

    Hi Turbo2,
    Hree is what to do to solve your problem:

    1-Connect your box to your router and make sure you establish connection by checking your Expert Settings Communication Setup.

    2-Turn your box off from the rear power button.

    3-While turning your box on, hold the down arrow on the front panel, keep holding it until your box's IP is displayed on the LCD screen.

    4-Open your web browser on your notebook, and type your box's IP as the URL.

    5-Flash your box using the web interface with the Gemini 2.6, and make sure you wait until the flash is 100% finished.

    6-Restart your box, & finish setting up your box settings and sat configuration.

    7-Now use DCC to communicate with your box to send your Service List, Keys, etc.....

    8-you are done, emjoy watching TV.

    Hope this helps.

    ok, the EPG in the Gemini 2.50 image, on North America DishNetwork reads the remaining time of the current program, and the scheduled times for the next programs, but it doesn't read the program name, instead it displays "no event data availabel"

    also, please look at the attached pic, it shows the remaining time of the highlighted chanell in the left instead of the right.

    Please, take a moment to look at these pictures.


    Originally posted by sacman11
    Hallo ist alles, das Zwillingprojekt bei weitem das beste Bild, das wir für jedes mögliches Dreambox gesehen haben, die einzige Sache, daß es ist die EPG-Unterstützung für nordamerikanisches DishNetwork u. BEV ermangelt. Ich bin ein Teil des lokalen comunity Dreambox in Nordamerika, und wir sind zum finanziellen Hilfsmittel des contibute für die Hinzufügung der EPG-Unterstützung für Dishnetwork froh. Merken Sie bitte, daß keines der EPG-addons für die Entwickler der Zwillinge sich projizieren arbeitet, wir ist froh, für Ihre Arbeit zu zahlen bitte P.M. ich, oder email ich für irgendwelche Fragen oder Interessen, die Sie haben können, danke. Wenn es in jeder Hinsicht hilft, ist hier eine Liste der Bilder, die Dishnetwork EPG stützen: Pi2, Dreambuster, Nitro, DBNA und RUDream.

    Thank you for the translation, and thanks to you all, you guys are awesome.

    Danke für die Übersetzung, und alle Dank Sie, Sie Halteseile ist ehrfürchtig.

    Hello all,
    The Gemini Project is by far the best image we have seen for any Dreambox, the only thing that it lacks is the EPG support for North American DishNetwork & BEV. I am a part of the local Dreambox comunity in North America, and we will be glad to contibute financial aid for the addition of the EPG support for Dishnetwork. Please note that none of the EPG addons works. for the developers of the Gemini Project, we will be glad to pay for your work, please, pm me or email me for any questions or concerns you may have, thank you.

    If it helps in any way, here is a list of the images that support Dishnetwork EPG:
    Pi2, Dreambuster, Nitro, DBNA, and RUDream.

    Stupid me, I didn't see the email button. I sent you the EMU, thanks in advance for your help, you guys are great.
    regarding all the EPG addons, they don't work with Dish Network. I am sure it's something really small to be added or corrected, because Gemini 2.2 EPG shows the remaining time for the plaid channel, but if you try to list the EPG it comes with a "no information is available" on the hidding, and "no description is available". But when you press the channel up/down to get a list of the channels, at the bottom, it shows the time and the time remaining for the highlighted channel. I really wish that this can be corrected for us.

    Thanks again budd.

    if this help in any way, the Gemini's EPG shows the time remaining only but not the program info, that's for DishNetwork in North America, so, I am sure if it shows the time, with a little tweek, it will show the full EPG info.


    Original von SadButTrue
    if you want you can send me your emu files and i try to create a gemini plugin for you :)

    but where do I send it?

    if it helps, I will be happy to provide you with the 3 north american images that has EPG support for Dish Network, I am sure you guys know which images I'm talking about. they are Nitro, DBNA, Pi2, and DBBuster, these are the images that support Dish Network EPG, but neither one dare to come close to the Gemini Project.

    adding the EPG support for Dish Network will be like a dream come true.

    I am willing to pay for the development of this add on, if you like to contact me directly, please do, my email is

    here is what I did:

    I installed evocamd_59 from the add on auto install (from the net)
    I installed your keys from the net (for evocamd)

    I used dcc and copied my keys into /var/keys and /var/scce

    I renamed the emu from evocamd_59 to evocamd

    I copied my evocamdN2 file to /var/bin after deleting evocamd_59
    I renamed evocamdN2 to evocamd_59

    and suddenly, I have a picture, lol, this is awesome.

    Guys, you are the greatest, I just wish that you will take the time to add the north american EPG support for dish network.

    Gemini is the best, long live Gemini.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your hard work. and I would be willing to provide contripution through PayPal to encourage you to add the EPG.

    Drembox is not a DREAM without GEMINI PROJECT, thanks again..

    when I look at the tar file, here is what is inside it:



    I hope this helps

    I also used Gemini Manager to install the EMU, Gemini Manager said the installation wa ssuccesfull, but still the same problem, the EMU is not there in the list.

    using DCC to take a look at what's hapening, I see that when I manuall install the addon.tar.gz, it actually doesn't install, it creats a folder under tmp called install with the emu files in it including keys and scce, that's all under /tmp/install

    in north america, we can't use your keys nor your emu's, and the only emu's that works with dn are EvocamdN2 and MGcamdN2, which I have in addon.tar.gz format, when I install them manually using the blue button/addon/manual install, it says that it was installed succesfully, but when I go to the EMU list it is not there, I tried update the EMU list with no luck, it still not there.

    I go to addon/manual install/ and yes to install /tmp/addon.tar.gz
    then I get a message that emu installed succesfull. I exit, and go backl to the blue button, press ok on the emu but my emu is not there.

    I also tried to installe it by copying the approperiate files to /var/keys, /ver/scce, /var/bin.

    this is driving me crazy, and I hate to use one of the ill-fated images that most people in north america are using, I realy don't care about EPG, I love your image and I want to continue using it. any ideas?

    I apologize about the double posting, as you can see, my German is a little rusty.

    I go to addon/manual install/ and yes to install /tmp/addon.tar.gz
    then I get a message that emu installed succesfull. I exit, and go backl to the blue button, press ok on the emu but my emu is not there.

    I also tried to installe it by copying the approperiate files to /var/keys, /ver/scce, /var/bin.

    this is driving me crazy, and I hate to use one of the ill-fated images that most people in north america are using, I realy don't care about EPG, I love your image and I want to continue using it. any ideas?

    I have been using the Gemini images on my DM500S and my DM7020S for quite some times, and it's by far the best image that I have ever run on both boxes. but now, and after Dishnetwork went N2, I haven't been able to load my EvocamdN2 to the image. when I tru to manually install the EMU, I get a message that EMU installation was succesfull, but the EMU is not there to activate. I am using Gemini 2.2 on both the 500 and the 7020. any help would be appreciated, thank you.

    please note that the emu file is in addon.tar.gz format, and I tried to manually install it by copying it to /tmp and....

    I also have one more request that I did ask long time ago but I got no responce, and it's from all the Gemini lovers who lives in north america, we need DN EPG support, please.

    Hi all,

    I wounder if the EPG for North America will be added to The Gemini Project, all Dreamers in North America and Canada are forced to use the Pi2 image or the illfated DBNA image because they are the only images that support DishNetwork EPG, I can guaratee you that most of the North American Dreamers will switch to The Gemini Project image if the DishNetwork EPG support is added, and my understanding is that the DBNA team made the code for the EPG available.

    Me, and lot's of other North American Dreamers love The Gemini Project and it's by far the most superior, stable, and awesome image comparing to all others, there is no comparison, so, please, we hope that the Gemini Team will take the time to add the North American EPG support. Thank you Gemini Team, and keep up the good work.