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    I install ambibox for windows and the leds turn on, but if I put color solid, the leds shows intermittent two color.
    If I put refresh screen and I play movie leds change of color.
    I think that the refresh or baudrate is not good.

    Enigmalight is not running in my Gigablue 800 UE Plus.


    The first step for me was program arduino with ledstream.pde but I didn't download for enigmalight page because error for me.
    I google search for ledstream.pde and I download the first. This ledstream.pde is charger for my arduino uno.
    Perhaps, I have to download other version and try again?

    I did not test it in PC.



    Originally posted by jarro_25

    Thank you.
    I can probe comment this line and the results are similar.
    When I press green button, rgb test but after all leds off.

    I write a MP to Speedy.

    I can't send mp, I don't know if the minimun off mesages is 10 for write mp?

    last lines of Log program:

    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "/usr/lib/enigma2/python/Components/", line 48, in action
    File "/usr/lib/enigma2/python/Plugins/Extensions/EnigmaLight/", line 113, in up
    File "/usr/lib/enigma2/python/Plugins/Extensions/EnigmaLight/", line 149, in updateTarget
    currFile = self.filelist.getCurrentDirectory() + self.filelist.getFilename()
    TypeError: cannot concatenate 'str' and 'NoneType' objects
    (PyObject_CallObject(<bound method ActionMap.action of <Components.ActionMap.ActionMap instance at 0x260c058>>,('WizardActions', 'up')) failed)



    Original von holymoly
    Hi , prefix is right, but your [light] is wrong. It must goint till ambilight 117

    Sorry i'am busy in moment.

    Thank you.
    I change my enigmalight.conf but the error is the same.

    It's now ok?

    Hello, yesterday I mounted the leds and arduino.
    I can connect the arduino ide to mainboard arduino and program it.
    The leds turn on rgb.

    After, I installed the enigmalight in the Gigablue, and after I reboot system.

    I connect the leds, arduino to gigablue. If enter into plugin menu I can enter in enigmalight plugin, and after, when I press the green button for activate the leds turn on rgb and after the leds always turn on in white color.

    I think that my enigmalight.conf is not good configured.

    The leds are ws2801, and arduino uno.
    I mount 39 leds for 42" TV

    I Calculate the prefix with:
    /home/elight-addons/prefix 39
    I suppose that 39 is the leds for me. I read this in previus page but 39 instead 92. It's ok?

    My config file is this:

    Someone can help me?
    I am new user from this plugin.

    Sorry if my english is bad.