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    installed and tested... the lights dont turn on.

    Setup basic settings - chose Lightpack and tried on /dev/ttyS2

    tested via the menu (yellow button) and /etc/init.d/boblight-test start
    Error message I get:

    Log File

    hi speedy
    I finally got my vu+ installed yesterday

    installed boblight... and pluged my Lightpack (I got it off ebay, if you search for 90x RGB Leds Light kit LightPack on that site you will find it - its a seller from israel)

    I have put it in the back usb1 of the vu+ solo2... but can't seem to get any config to even turn the lights on.

    Kind of loosing hope :(

    any help please?

    I am trying to create teh config via the plugin in engima2, which works fine.
    but neither the test button(yellow button) nor the /etc/init.d/boblight-test start in telnet turns the light on

    I have tried all the device types.... but can't even figure out zhat the device output should be. I have tried all the /dev/ttyXXX (currently set at /dev/ttyS0)


    this is aGREAT idea

    I am saving for a VU+ Solo 2
    so that I can sell by nbox and get the boblight to work finally

    looking forward to that :)

    well done for al your hard work!

    thanks for replies gues

    so guess i will have to replace by nBox

    questoin: does any vu+ solo work ? even the 'made in china' ones?
    is there any limits like on the dm800 with the vu+ solo normal version? (not the 2)

    i have gone through the different 55+ pages of this thread lol
    would it be worth having a compatibility page?
    there are so many broadcom receivers different price ranges.... i dont know which one would be best.
    most are 400mhz.... is that powerful enough?

    i dont want to buy another box which will not work :(

    yea its that one adi800 mentions

    so i guess no chance?
    I tried your command; doesnt work, but have given other info maybe you can see?

    if it is impossible on this box... what is best box to buy?
    will it work with the VU+ solo2? It has a 1.2ghz processor i think....

    But if it can work with this and I can save money that would be BEST!!!



    lovely board i am new
    have a nbox but am thinking i should sell it and get a vu+ as the enigma2 boblight cant seem to install on it :(

    looking forward to learning on this board

    hi speedy

    i have an N BOX with enigma2... and was trying to install the plugin but get an error
    tried both files (32 and non 32)
    and get this error: