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    Here's my setup:
    - Arduino Uno Rev3 (using LEDstream.pde from adafruit on github)
    - 100x 12mm WS2801 pixel module LEDs
    - power supply: SNT MW60-05 (switch power unit, 5V, 12A)

    greetz noway42

    Neither can I confirm the blacklevel-red colour correlation for my adalight, nor do I have the problem with the deamon. For my adalight it sometimes only seems that white light looks a bit red.

    I had such a problem with the deamon after updating a few versions ago, uninstalling and a clean reinstallation solved my problem there.

    greetz noway42

    r13 for me works just like r12.
    - no flashlights (due to adalight I guess)
    - moodlamp colours are fine, but just noticed one thing: is it right that the only moodlamp mode available is static? or do I just cannot change it?

    - blackbar problem on the left: nothing changed, but I guess that was not the intention of r13.

    thx for pushing updates so rapidly!

    greetz noway42

    hey Speedy,

    thanks for the feedback and the new version. Now I was able to make picdumps which illistrate the problem quiete good.

    Here is a comparison:
    1.) made on the German Channel "Pro 7 HD" during the show "TV Total"
    screenshot1: an example screenshot for the scene dumped
    picdump1 (boblight_picdump_0007-0017): picdumps for that scene

    2.) same channel, same show just not such an iterview but some kind of article
    screenshot2: an example screenshot for the scene dumped
    picdump2 (boblight_picdump_00018-0028): picdumps for that scene

    As you can see, in example 1 there is a blackbar on the left (and a thin one on the right as well) whereas in example 2 everything is fine. Any idea for a workaround?

    thx & greetz noway42


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    here is some update to the problem that the leds on the left side don't light up:
    Today I had some time to observe and analyze the problem a bit more.
    First I have to cancel the statement that the problem is dependent on a single channel. It is not. Furthermore it seems to be dependent on the content. Movies and commercials do work well as there are fast changing pictures with many different colours. TV shows with static cameras and static backgrounds suffer more often from the problem.
    It seems that if the left side of the screen mainly consists of a steady, not very bright colour that the leds switch of. To light them up again, a bright colour spot surrounded by high contrast has to appear in the area. It looks like the range of brightness has reach some spectrum to activate the lights again. As long as the lights stay on a constant level (which in my view by far should be enough to let the leds shine, and it does that on the others sides of the screen) they stay off.
    If you play with the settings, like minimal brightness the results differ. For min. brightness=0 the effect is as stated. For min. brightness 0.1 and above lights on the left stay on but loose their colors for sceenes described.

    Does the grabber have any threshold (e.g. for detecting blackbars) which has to be exceeded for one side or a specific area to put the lights into action (again)? That might be the only explanation I could imagine... If, is there any chance to deactivate that and test again?

    Picdumps still don't work as I wrote some posts ago, but I will try to make some video to help you get an impression.

    thx & greetz noway42

    just tried to make the picdumps, but all pngs are only 0bytes...

    console says:

    and so on...
    do you have an idea if libpng is the problem and how to solve it?

    thx & greetz noway42

    while playing around a bit with boblight (all versions since r8) I am experiencing a quiete strange problem:
    The left side of my Adalight stays off, but ONLY when watching a special channel (in my case the German Channel Pro7 HD). It is not completely off, but only very bright colors like white oder light blue light up whereas green and yellow don't. As of now, the problem also seems to only occur on the main shows, not in commercial breakes (but maybe the commercials are just faster and/or brighter?!).
    As an example, yesterday in the evening there was a Poker show with quiete constant colors: green table in the foreground and some lights and red satin walls in the background and some people inbetween. On the top, bottom and right side of the screen everything was fine and all different colors were displayed, but on the left side neither the green table, nor background or skin colors did light up, only when the camera was passing a bright white light onto the left side the appropriate LEDs did light up correctly.
    All other channels seems to work flawlessly, although I got the impression that the left side in general might be a bit dimmed compared to the others, but that could also just be a subjective impression.
    As it only affects one channel, I would say it is no hardwareproblem and probably no configuration problem as well.

    Has anyone an idea about that or could reproduce the problem as well?

    thx & greetz noway42

    kurz nochmal in Deutsch:
    Ich habe ein komische Problem. Immer wenn ich Pro7 HD schauen und NUR DANN, bleibt die linke Seite meines Adalight für die meisten Farben inaktiv. Z.B. gestern Abend die Poker Nacht, da reagierten die LEDs auf der linken Seite weder auf den grünen Tisch, noch auf den roten Hintergrund oder Personen. Nur Scheinwerfer oder rausscrollende Karten führten zu einem kurzen Aufleuchten. Auf den anderen 3 Seiten ging alles ohne Probleme. Während der Werbung war dann auch mit der linken Seite gefühlt alles wieder ok, aber das kann auch sein weil die Werbung heller und schneller ist als der Rest.
    Alle anderen Sender machen keine Probleme, egal ob SD oder HD.
    Hat jemand eine Idee woran es liegen könnte oder kann jemand das Problem reproduzieren?

    Danke und Gruß,


    after installing r11 via GUI, I get some new error when trying to acces the Extensions menue:

    Some plugins are not available:
    Extensions/Boblight-dvbapp2 (invalid syntax (, line 75

    I guess that's incomplete, but more is not shown on the TV.
    and after that the Boblight entry is missing... Reinstalling the extension does not solve the problem.
    the light do work anyway starting boblight control via SSH, so it looks like a plugin problem.

    no, I just deinstalled r9, rebooted, installed r10, rebooted again and then tried to start the lights using the plugin menue. after this did not work I tried it using SSH and got the result I posted recently...

    edit: after reinstalling r10 with removing all leftovers after the deinstallation (entries in /etc/enigma2/settings) exept for boblight.conf it does work again! Now I'm checking if the problem with light animation getting stucked when switching from HD to SD like it occured on previous versions. thx anyway!

    with r10 I always get the following with boblight-control using an ultimo and 100 LED adalight:

    any idea about that?

    btw.: it still says r9 although I uninstalled it and installed r10. my fault or wasn't the file updated?

    Thanks so much for your effort!