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    Meantime I did some test and install these packages:

    opkg install alsa-dev
    opkg install libao-alsa
    opkg install alsa-lib
    opkg install alsa-server

    I also did:

    modprobe snd-pcm-oss

    and it works! :hurra:

    audio_output {
    type "oss"
    name "My OSS Device"


    Sound is coming out from TV over HDMI so this is not what I wanted but small step to the goal. In this scenario TV has to stay on.
    Have to find a way to use Optical output if possible. Will also try to install oss packages. Thanks.

    Thank for tip but oss device does not exist on DM8000. I tried, no go. With alsa I can see that device is busy when I try to send something from mpd while digital output is in use. While digital output is not in use then client seems to be sending command to play a song but no sound coming out from receiver.
    Nevertheless, will continue testing.

    If anyone can post some entries from the log (verbose) while playing song I can compare to my own.
    Thank you.

    Does anyone have an experience setting up MPD server on DM8000? I installed it and server is running, creating database etc. When I connect my IPAD client and select song it disconnects me after a while from the server. I am not able to hear anything on the Dreambox anyway, not sure if audio output is correct. Any help?


    You plugin removes Python Imaging Library (PIL) during deinstallation proccess and this can cause problems for users. This happen to me but I know how to sort it out. What is more, looks like plugin wants to remove site-package directory as well.

    root@DM8000:~# opkg remove enigma2-plugin-extensions-camofs
    Removing package enigma2-plugin-extensions-camofs from root...
    rmdir: '/usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages': Directory not empty

    Insted of copying PIL's files during installation you should find the other way to check/modify PIL if necessary.
    Thx for plugin anyway. ;)

    I have found something strange but this is not a big problem, it can be bypassed. When automatic subtitle start feature is enabled and the movie has its own subs built in I was not able to switch to external subs, system just run a spinner without crash. When I disabled that feature I could run srt subs without problem (iCVS+GP3).

    After last updates of image I have a crash whenever open picture on full screen, but crashlog is empty. Picture on full screen is visible for one sec and then enigma2 restarts. Any solution?

    Guys, I have a problem whenever I want to access Database. When I choose one of the cattegories within Database i am automatically logged out.
    I tested it on two different webbrowsers with cookies enabled and security programs switched off. Moreover, I am not able to find cookie file saved on my system.
    Can anyone help me?

    Why don't you finally share your sources to let people help you with graphic or modify it for their own needs? Plugin data is not well readable with your graphic that is why I am asking for sources.


    Originally posted by mfaraj57

    i do not have new version
    nothing to add for now
    waiting websiteparser in new version could find practical way to add satellite feed( i like this plugin and enjoy reading its code and advice any one want to start enigma2 programming to read it,it is more than plugin,it is complete enigma2 and python programming tutorial)

    If there is no new version until now, please give us working one but with sources as you promised.

    Since several weeks I have been experiencing surfing problems. Whenever I want to start new topic or open Profil I have to login again. Moreover I do not see any download links in Database. I have not changed any special settings. I have tested it on 2 different webbrowsers with intenet antivirus and firewall switch off.
    Any clue?