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    Thank you for this info.
    Yes I have a straight trough cable and yes it works fine when I plugin my laptop.

    I will see what happens if I connect the dreambox directly to a computer.


    I just checked the pinout and I use a "straight" LAN cable.
    My bad thinking it was crossed because "straight" isn't really straight as in pin 1 to pin 1 and pin 2 to pin 2 etc.
    Sorry for the confusion.
    Anyway that must be the right cable but what can I do to solve my network problem?



    I have a nasty network problem with an DM 7020. The problem is that it won't recognize the network connection. Once or twice there was a connection with my router but when I clicked "test" it responded with 2 red lights and 2 - the lower 2 - green lights. Netwok NOT OK !
    I still was able to FTP to the box however but it didn't lasted very long before the connection was gone.
    The LAN cable is about 25 meter long but works fine when I connect my laptop.
    It is a crossed twisted pair LAN cable is that OK for the dreambox or should I use a straight through cable?

    Anything else I can try, flashing new firmware maybe?


    Hi guys,

    My dreambox 7020 which had a sat setting configured for a rotor. Now I have a setting where I use a multisat disk and a diseqC. I thought it should be very easy to configure that and changed the rotor settings
    to diseqc and I receive nothing anymore :-(
    The options are AA AB BA and BB while my other sat decoders have diseqC A B C or D as selection.

    BTW using the old setting rotor setting that at least worked for some canals don't work anymore either.
    Help is much appreciated, this is a little frustrating, it looked so simple.


    Hi Guys,

    My first post here.
    I have an DM 7020 with a gemini image from a friend who passed away.
    I like to have it work in another network but so far I couln't find the IP address from the dreambox and therefore I cannot access it via LAN. I even searched some time to find how to stop a recorded movie playing :-).
    Anyway where can I find the IP address and how can I change it?
    Can I see the password and user setting when it is connected to a TV?