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    Per mantenere la skin allineata agli aggiornamenti effettuati dal team GP, sarebbe necessario avere informazioni su eventuali malfunzionamenti o modifiche nei pannelli della skin Zeta in modo da poterli aggiornare con più velocità e precisione. Ringrazio in anticipo chiunque possa pubblicare tali informazioni in questo thread.


    I have seen that the scrolling of the blue panel bar icons does not work with GP4.1, using OS 2.5, while it works with OS2.6. it's normal ?


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    Ich möchte denken, dass ich nicht gut erklärt habe, weil Ihre Antwort dies zu sagen scheint.
    Wie auch immer, ich möchte mich bei Ihnen dafür bedanken, dass Sie mir gezeigt haben, dass Sie eine Liste erstellen können :)
    Geben Sie mir zum Schluss etwas Anerkennung, ich habe Skins für alle Teams in der E2-Welt erstellt, ich habe Schnittstellen für Mobilfunkbetreiber erstellt, ich habe Schnittstellen für das Projekt manheimer in 360 erstellt und ich glaube, dass meine Haut auch in den Feeds des dmm enthalten ist Finden Sie sie in jedem Forum, das Sie besuchen können. Glaubst du, ich könnte Probleme haben, die Genesis BP Liste zu ändern? nicht so, aber das habe ich nicht gefragt, ich habe nur gefragt, ob die Optionen der bp-Liste eine Standardliste enthalten. Ich wiederhole, ich war daran interessiert zu wissen, ob der BP auf standardmäßige Weise angezeigt werden kann, indem ich seine Optionen verwende.
    Ich versuche Google zu verwenden, um es auf Deutsch zu übersetzen, da wir uns mit Englisch nicht verstehen konnten :)
    schöne Ferien.

    Jogy - zombi

    I state that I do not know the gemini image well, but I got the impression that the proprietary panel (BP) is much more complete than the list of plugins. It doesn't matter that you can't understand why I was asking for this information, I was just wondering if the gemini panel could be viewed in another way, but I looked at the code and I see that only 2 systems are implemented. I have to be honest, I don't like that visualization, and when I create the skins I want the look to be homogeneous in all parts of the image, I have been doing skins for years and it has always been like that. Now I'm looking for a new image to use in my dreamboxes, the one I used previously is now abandoned, and since I look a lot at the aesthetics (as in all things, women, cars, motorcycles, etc ... :)) the next image I will use must be exactly as I would like it to be, if I can do it right, if I can't do it step forward :) greetings

    yes I have seen the code, but i never modify the original code of an image, because every update of the team, would bring everything back to the initial code, and for every modification of the panel, the modification should also be updated. Too complicated to follow :) it would have been better if this option was present in the plugin. Maybe they will insert it in the future, we will wait hoping for this to happen. :)

    i've installed 4.1 version of BP.
    I would like to know if the bluepanel can be displayed as a standard list, and not as an icon panel so you can manage it with a custom skin.


    Originally posted by CYRUS.CST®
    Use version DE with immagine Dream-Elite and zero problems


    Open what ?
    this skin work only in the cvs by dmm OE2.0 and OE2.2
    and use merlin secondinfobar

    also work on DE 4.0 (OE2.0) and 5.0(OE2.2)