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    Hello there,

    I finally got my boblight daemon running on my VU+ UNO and it is also works perfectly with my XBMC. My problem is, that the colors don't match and I don't know, how to improve them.

    The white is more like a blue and red is more like a hot pink.

    I'm running Adalight with an Arduino UNO and a 50 leds string. The main colors in the boblight are configured with the default values:

    name red
    rgb FF0000
    name green
    rgb 00FF00
    name blue
    rgb 0000FF

    Where shall I do the changes? Do I have to play with the RGB values or can I change some settings in the Boblight config panel? I didn't find explanation to settings like color value, saturation (incl. min/max) and threshold and their impact on the colors.

    I want to have boblight as accurate as in this video, where Lightpack is being used.

    Two simple questions:

    1) Can I use this plugin with my VU+ UNO, since it is similar to the VU+ Ultimo (which is on the "you can use this on"-list)?

    2) If so, which version is the correct one:
    enigma2-plugin-extensions-boblight-enigm a2_0.5r6_mips32el.ipk or
    enigma2-plugin-extensions-boblight-enigm a2_0.5r6_mipsel.ipk?

    Thanks in advance.