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    Ich hab ähnliches vor, aber ich es nicht besser nen grabber auf dem pi laufen zu lassen, damit man dort auch andere Bildquellen (Ps3, BluRay, etc) grabben kann? Ich würde aber pi dann nur im Ausnahmefall einschalten, und dann im normalfall die nur die Dreambox verwenden.

    Du kannst externe HDMI Geräte nicht ohne Weiteres grabben. Um so etwas zu realisieren benötigst du einen Splitter und eine USB Grabber, der an den RPI kommt und ein HDMI2Composite Adapter.

    Sähe dann so aus:

    Hallo Jay,

    hast du den Arduino auch am richtigen Ende der LEDs angeschlossen? Mein Bruder hatte das Problem und den Arduino am Ende der WS2801 strips angeschlossen.

    Check das hier mal:…-schritt-fur-schritt.html

    I'm a Kickstarter backer and I'm going to get two of them hopefully soon. Will test as much as I can. At the end, I'll connect them to my two OUYAs though.

    Same here. I had that problem in the past, then it was gone, now its back and yesterday I've updated to VTI 6.0 to see if it still happens.

    Without the Sundtek stick, the Box boots just fine. With the stick, it doesn't. If I start the DVB-C stick later, the box will hang up.

    Nightmareachim had the same issue

    I will try to see what happens, if the deamon is stopped and I try to activate the stick again.

    What about an active USB-Hub. In My case, Adalight is connected to a USB Hub, where there is also a mini USB stick for picons. The Sundtek is using the other free USB port.


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    Would BobLight also work with that?…cklight-for-your-displays

    I also asked the Devs of that project, if they support any Light-Plugin (Atmo, Bob, etc), but i am still waiting for an answer..

    I got the answer you are looking for:

    As for Boblight support - we are in contact with BobLight and hope that they'll support our device soon. But we already have XBMC integration and you can check it at our product web page

    As for XBMC full screen issues - stay tuned, we plan to improve this.

    Now I have question. I can hook up my 50leds (possible going to 100) to a sedu board? Is there a manual somewhere or is it enough if I get this thing here and connect GND, Data, Clock and +5V?

    Are there any improvements if I go for 8Mhz in the LEDstream anyway?

    Hi Greetz,

    thanks for the feedback. I got some questions:

    What PDE file are you using for the Arduino?

    Do you have LPD8806 oder WS2801 LEDs?

    Unlikely but nevertheless, what are the specifications of your power supply unit for the LEDs?

    I just want to make sure, that we have the same setup.

    To the adalight users here.

    Can you confirm, that using the optional blacklevel values in any color section will affect the color RED to be more like a light red/pink color?

    Also one little issue with updates on boblight.

    If I update the daemon, I kill it first via telnet. Then I install the ipk file and after a restart, the daemon won't start. I need to deactivate and reactivate the network mode to make it work.

    Tried to install R10 today with the new boblight.conf. Thanks again speedy.

    Uninstalled R5, rebooted and tried to install R10 but it's missing kernel-module-cdc_acm.

    Tried this: opkg install kernel-module-cdc_acm using telnet but it didn't work. I found the module on the feed though.

    After the R10 was completed, the daemon didn't wanted to start, no matter what I tried using the menu. Switched to local and network and back.

    Via telnet I could start the daemon using boblighdt -f.

    After that, I have created a new config with the config creator, just for fun.

    I pressed ok and used the new conf file a restarted my VU+. The daemon didn't come up and using boblighdt via telnet brought this error up.

    (CConfig::LoadConfigFromFile) opening /etc/boblight.conf
    (CConfig::CheckConfig) checking config lines
    (CConfig::CheckLightConfig) ERROR: /etc/boblight.conf line 34 section [light]: wrong value 30.0 25.0 for key hscan
    (CConfig::CheckLightConfig) ERROR: /etc/boblight.conf line 43 section [light]: wrong value 35.0 30.0 for key hscan
    (CConfig::CheckLightConfig) ERROR: /etc/boblight.conf line 52 section [light]: wrong value 40.0 35.0 for key hscan
    (CConfig::CheckLightConfig) ERROR: /etc/boblight.conf line 61 section [light]: wrong value 45.0 40.0 for key hscan
    (CConfig::CheckLightConfig) ERROR: /etc/boblight.conf line 70 section [light]: wrong value 50.0 45.0 for key hscan
    (CConfig::CheckLightConfig) ERROR: /etc/boblight.conf line 79 section [light]: wrong value 55.0 50.0 for key hscan
    (CConfig::CheckLightConfig) ERROR: /etc/boblight.conf line 88 section [light]: wrong value 60.0 55.0 for key hscan
    (CConfig::CheckLightConfig) ERROR: /etc/boblight.conf line 97 section [light]: wrong value 65.0 60.0 for key hscan

    Values of my working boblight.conf are these
    hscan 41.2 47.08
    hscan 35.31 41.19
    hscan 29.43 35.31
    hscan 23.54 29.42
    hscan 17.66 23.54
    hscan 11.77 17.65
    hscan 5.89 11.77
    hscan 0 5.88

    The first 8 lights are causing the problem, which are the buttom left lights.

    Nevertheless. Lights are up and running with latest release R10.

    I've updated from version 0.6R5 to 0.6R9 and since then, nothing is working. Can't get the lights to work. Updated today to 0.6R10 and still nothing.

    First update was just installing R9 over R5. Since it didn't worked, I've uninstalled it, did a complete reboot and installed version R9 again. Still nothing. Socket error, whether I'm using network mode or local mode.

    Tried today's version R10 and still can't get it to work. Starting via telnet, boblight also reports to be R9, which is little confusing.

    Did a complete uninstallation, reboot, installed R5, full reboot and it is working again. With local mode and network mode, which I need for XBMC.

    I'll keep using R5, since it is the best version atm for me.

    My setup:

    Adalight with 50 LEDs
    connected as ttyACM0

    If I can be of help in any way, I'll do my very best.

    Here is my boblight.conf