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    i had db 7020s which is not working anymore but hdd has lot of kids stuff since i cant access that hdd via db 7020 my quastion is can i save data on computer which i did try but ask for format ,or can i conect hdd via usb external box to db 800 and access or save that data without formating drive?

    Im using Gemini 270 and having a problem to use Opos card in slots did trye diffrent Images but no luck only the 7west files working that sirius 5 files are not working with camd or newcamd ? dose any body have solution ?

    using this DCC v2.5 since it s out with DB7020 worked well but cant get conect via telnet anymore, tryed sevreal thing s like reinstall image Gemini2.20 and hydra but the same problem while i use old version on DCC2.3 and it is working atleast can get conect via telnet and checked again with new version dcc2.5 not working showing error :
    connect :WSocket Resolveport : Cannot convert port 'telnet',Error#11004.
    Never had that problem
    Any Help PLz
    Regards V2