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    Just so everyone knows it!

    You put that package on the digsat download years ago by yourself, and you made them spesific for PP team when you were a member for a short time. The deal was that PP team could use your "made for ppteam" picon packages., and that we have done. If you want me to link to posts on that shows everybody what you said back then, I sure will do! They are really really old packages, so I'm damn sure nobody has bothered to download them at all.

    Its pretty clear for everybody that you hate the PP team and everybody around you. And I can tell you that you most likely would have spread your picons much wider through the PP image than you have up this today.

    So shut up and stop screaming everywhere you are! It makes every Norwegian embarrased!

    BTW: This guy showed up in yesterday and spamed all the forums with screaming posts. Got banned, and jumpt over here to scream some more. I suggest that this guy also get banned on iHAD. He can crawl back to his own forum in norway, where he is totaly alone, because of his attitude.

    Hi, I hope i'm allowed to write in english....

    I have a plasma TV and have tested out Morpheus Screensaver to try to save my TV display for as long as possible. Morpheus does the job very well, but it seems to me that the most important reason for anybody to use a screensaver on an plasma TV, would be when the MENU screens are active. Therefor I find it very strange, that the option of starting the screensaver while in menus ,is not integrated in Morpheus. I even think it would be a very good reson for others without plasma also. Is this right, or have I missed something? And if not, would it be very difficult to add this possibillity, to the already most superb screensaver out there, for enigma2? ;)

    PP team