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    wollte mal nett nachfragen ob sich jemand schon das Problem annehmen konnte? ist vielleicht untergegangen, hab das Problem zumindest noch.

    - integrate all wizards into the startwizard
    - set http timeout for servicemp3 streaming to 30 seconds
    - fixed possible crash when a fake recording is used without a filename
    - PicturePlayer: allow to disable the pictureplayer border to allow unscaled pictures up to skin resolution
    (useful for displaying test images to optimize sharpness, contrast, brightness settings)
    - fixed deadlock when more then one tuner is linked to another one (tested with unicable setup)
    - fixed audio track selection in movieplayer when a old dm8k rc is used
    - implement "config sections/categories" and implement them for Settings -> System -> Customize, Cec, VideoMode, StreamServer
    - you can jump between sections by pressing bouquet +/-, when there is no more other section in the desired direction it will fall back to stamdard pagination
    - to use this for your stuff just add something like: (_("My Config Section Header"),)
    to your ConfigList when creating your setup
    - fixed a possible deadlock (e.g. on media playback or streaming)
    - DVDPlayer optimizations by go4dream (improved menu handling, audio track selection, subtitle selection)
    - MediaCenter / MediaScanner:
    - Add "Album Artist" based navigation to Database Browser
    - fix non-all-lower-case tag keys not being recognized by the scanner
    - show use scpc optimized search range when available in /proc/stb/frontend/X

    update dm7080 and dm820 hardware drivers
    - si2166b: strict compliance with the given transponder parameters (disabled auto testing on some options)
    - si2166b: increased default capture range to +- 10Mhz
    - si2166b: added support for "use scpc optimized search range"
    - fixed magenta screen output via hdmi in standby
    - bcm4506: fixed problems after wake up from sleep

    updates sind nun auf dem feed von dmm

    * Improve animation hickups related to multicontent listboxes with long load times (e.g. the Channellist with about 200ms on FullHD skins)
    * Fix crash on ts streaming
    * Fix crash when closing Subservices QuickZap
    * Fix non-working buttons in DVD Player
    * Improve Logging.
    - fix logging related crashes
    - improve stacktraces on python and c++ errors
    * NetworkBrowser: switch to systemd automounts
    * Fix shutdown taking a very long time when network mounts exist


    * Speedup parsing of already finished RecordTimers at boot time
    * Subtitles
    - Implement forced subtitles
    - Improve subtitle detection
    * StreamServer
    - Improve overall streaming stability
    - Allocate tuner resources on demand
    - Implement zapping and bitrate configuration via URL params when in "TV Services" Mode (just open the stream with arguments passed like this: rtsp://box.ip:<port>/<path>ref=<service_reference>&video_bitrate=<bitrate>&audio_bitrate=<bitrate> )
    * Animations
    - Change the way animations are handled (simplified redraw logic) so we can animate single widgets easily
    * Add RemoteControlSelection plugin for visual selection of the RemoteControl being used
    * Replace epg based .eit file for Recordings with full version from now/next EIT table with included component descriptors to fix audio selection track descriptions on playback
    * MediaScanner / MediaDatabase
    - Implement CoverArt extraction
    - Fix Album Artist Handling (requires rescan)
    * MediaCenter / AudioPlayer
    - The Audio Player was redesigned (default skin only) and is now using extracted CoverArts where possible
    * UPnP/DLNA MediaServer
    - Fix a handful of issues including major improvements in terms of cross-vendor compatibility (fixes rebooting samsung devices and more)
    - Fix Album Artist handling
    - Deliver CoverArt where available
    - Don't resort servicelist content
    * add Spaun SUS5581/33NF models to unicable .xml (thx to Uenz)
    * CEC
    - Improve compatiblity with Panasonic TVs
    - Add option for when/how to actually do "Volume Key Forwarding"
    * ChannelSelection: small fix when multi-bouquet mode is being changed
    * Blindscan: Mhz -> MHz (thx to dhwz)
    * Force Streamtype 0x1b to h264 video (ignore descriptors)
    * Add VP8/WebM Support (new drivers required)
    * Tools.Downloader: Fix downloading using https
    * Fix stale icon/dialog after MoviePlayer close
    *+Lots of other minor fixes and cleanups

    update dm7080 and dm820 hardware drivers
    - fixed broken audio on AC3 output when mono left or mono right was configured
    - fixed high interrupt load caused by demux hardware section filters
    - audio encoder fixes
    - added VP8(webm) video support (needs new gst-dvbmediasink)
    - fixed audio dsp crash on some AAC+ streams

    Bis jetzt habe ich so ein Projekt nicht gefunden, ist halt auch die frage was die ganzen Ersteller der Picons zu so einem Projekt sagen.

    selbst würde ich so ein Projekt gut finden und helfen würde ich auch, wobei hier die frage ist wie hier die mithilfe aussehen würde.

    dpkg -i enigma2-plugin-extensions-20150722-4.deb
    dpkg-deb: error: file `enigma2-plugin-extensions-20150722-4.deb' is not a debian binary archive (try dpkg-split?)
    dpkg: error processing archive enigma2-plugin-extensions-20150722-4.deb (--install):
     subprocess dpkg-deb --control returned error exit status 2
    Errors were encountered while processing:

    geht auf der 7080 nicht zu installieren