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    I don`t know but Enigmalight v0.10 is still not working with my XBMC.
    Maybe it deletes Settings you Need for the Network mode?
    Following my Enigma2 Settings.

    P.S: I went back to the old but working "enigma2-plugin-extensions-boblight-enigma2_0.8r6_mips32el".
    I like to be a beta tester, but when I don`t have the Feeling the issues are taken serious, I prefere to use a running Version and thats BOBLight.

    I am sure I am not the only one having issues with XBMC and Enigmalight.

    GreeT`s Erich

    Speedy - thanks for Fixing bugs.

    here Feedback from my testing:

    Colors are now much more intensive (but I still have to Play more with Settings).

    OnlineUpdate doesn`t bring another Version (thats good because I am on the latest) - I have to test if the crashing is solved when there is a new Version and you say "no don`t update".

    XBMC was now connecting to Enigmalight (I didn`t Change anything at the config - so it seems you solved the bug)

    Sadly after 5 Minutes showing Colors from XBMC, Enigmalight was getting mad - like a Lasershow :winking_face: - when swithing to the Satelite Receiver I have seen Enigma crashed.

    After Restart from Enigma - the Status Bar was working.
    CPU message was showing (not so in older versions).

    Right now after the Crash - Status:"not running" like before - even if the lights are working when watching SAT TV right now.

    In the /var/tmo Folder the file "" with Information "10.0 fps @ 90x72(720x576) @ Mode_2" is showing up every few seconds and gets deletet. I don`t know if this is good for the Flash - if this file Shows up millions of times - is this neccessary?

    I didn`t enable the logging - thats why I don`t understand why I get a logfile "enigmalight.log" with 28 MB recording 15 Minutes


    15:00:28 15:00:28 [ParseMessage] >>> set light X40 rgb 0.159477 0.079085 0.0124183

    So there still some issues - but I can see a step into the right direction.

    Please tell me when you Need more Information to fix the issues.

    GreeT`s ERich

    sadly no - ist not working - I have to go back to boblight if this is not working.
    Miss my lights while watching a movie with XBMC :loudly_crying_face:

    root@et9x00:~# enigmalight -g
    EnigmaLight (c) 2014 Speedy1985 and Oktay Oeztueter.
    (Based on Boblight (c) 2009 by Bob Loosen)
    ERROR: EnigmaLight is already running, Exit...

    But when it works for you - maybe you can send me your Settings via PM.

    Greet`s ERich

    P.S. Screenshot of process attached


    the problem that it will say Status: Not Running is weird, i need to look why this is not working.

    What for device do you have ?

    Speedy this Entry was uncommented in the config and working years with your old boblight build - so this might not be the reason :face_with_rolling_eyes:

    I tryed it with the IP Address of the Satellite box - again - ERROR on XBMC.

    I have a XTREND ET9000 with OpenVIX Image.

    here are my Enigmalight Settings - I don`t know why boblight Settings are after a reboot there - even if I remove them from the Settings file?

    greets Erich

    I always get an error when starting XBMC "ERROR when connecting to boblight...".

    What are exactly the Setting I have to Change to EnigmaLight that it acceps Connections?

    I tryed

    Run EnigmaLight as Server when lights are off = yes

    This would be logic for me to enable - but still I get the Connection Problem - doesn`t matter if on or off :face_with_rolling_eyes:

    Another Thing which I noticed is that in the Statusbar EnigmaLight always says

    Status: Not Running | CPU: 0 | Mode: Off | 10.0 fps

    But EnigmaLight is runnin Gand showing Colors from satelite,...

    So I am confused.

    GreeT`s Erich

    P.S. I think I know whats the ERROR - you don`t put the Parameter for Networking to the Settings file!


    When I put this to the Settings file and restart Enigma ist gone - also when enabling the Network mode in the GUI...



    14:55:55 14:55:55 [Main] Start EnigmaLight Server
    14:55:55 14:55:55 [Main] opening listening socket on *:19333
    14:55:55 14:55:55 [ELightGUI] Starting socket @ /tmp/enigmalight.sock
    14:55:56 14:55:56 [CleanUp] Removing clients
    14:55:56 14:55:56 [CleanUp] Closing listening socket

    Seems that the listening Port gets closed somehow =?

    Hi Speedy!

    I wrote you a PM but maybe you didn`t read it :face_with_rolling_eyes:

    Today I installed the latest Version

    When making a online Version check - I get the b7 suggested as newer Version.
    When you say - Update "NO" then the box crashes.

    ALso was on previous Versions.

    Please can you fix this?

    Another Thing.
    Should it work that I use XBMC to send the light Information to the box?
    With the boblight plugin it was working fine.

    Greets Erich

    die Abhängigkeiten sind bei mir aktuell


    root@x:~# opkg install python-xml
    Package python-xml (2.7.2-r8.17) installed in root is up to date.
    root@x:~# opkg install python-twisted-core
    Package python-twisted-core (12.0.0-r2) installed in root is up to date.
    root@x:~# opkg install python-twisted-web
    Package python-twisted-web (12.0.0-r2) installed in root is up to date.

    Wie erstelle ich am besten das Log?

    Nur weshalb die 0.3er Version zumindest startet und die 0.4er gleich die Fehelrmeldung bringt leuchtet mir nicht ein.

    Gruß Erich

    ich finde die Idee des Plugins genial.
    Leider zeigt es bei mir immer 0 Cutlists an, obwohl ich eine Liste mit Cutlists finde und auch eine auswähle.

    Woran kann das liegen?

    Die Version 0.4 bringt bei mir die Fehlermeldung


    Einige Plugins sind nicht verfügbar:
    Extensions/CutlistDownloader (No module named CutListAT)

    ich habe einfach den Inhalt des Ordners "SCR" des ZIPs vom GIT in den Ordner "python\Plugins\Extensions\CutlistDownloader" kopiert.

    Greet`s Erich

    Danke betonme für deine Hilfsbereitschaft.

    Ich habe das PlugIN von einer anderen Quelle installiert und nun kann ich auch Services hinzufügen.

    Somit ist alles wieder in bester Ordnung :hurra:

    GreeT`s Erich

    Mein Problem ist jedoch, dass wenn ich mit der gelben Taste Services oder Events hinzufügen möchte, diese Liste auch leer ist.

    Somit bin ich chancenlos,...

    In dem Pluginverzeichnis sind jedoch scheinbar alle Service .py vorhanden.

    Gibt es ein Log oder kann ich über die Konsole mittels Befehle was bewirken?

    GreeT`s Erich

    the configurator still creates a config which Fails with the error message

    the config I created with the boblight config creator - button "5"

    GreeT`s Erich

    ich verstehe nicht ganz wie man das Plugin einrichtet??

    Bei mir scheint nur ein Fenster mit folgenden Settings auf

    Enable PushService
    Dreambox Name
    Config file
    Start time
    Period of hours
    Run on boot

    wo richte ich eine EMail Adresse ein?
    Unter Services und Controllers ist alles leer,...

    Die pushservice.xml unter etc/enigma2 ist leer.

    Gruß Erich

    The idea with the website is superb :hurra:
    If you have a forum like this - then realy valuable information get lost somewhere in between 100ts of posts :face_with_rolling_eyes:

    If you summarize all points and write a FAQ next to the documentation on your site its awesome :tongue:
    A forum is more for discussion and not for having all informations on 1 view.

    I will send you some pictures and videos to my solution.
    Would also be interesting to see other solutions.

    If everybody could write his impression to the boblight systems he uses, the positive and the negative things, it would be gr8.
    And others could decide more easy which system tehy build up.

    I will test your fixed version of the config generator this night.

    Greet`s Erich

    you are welcome speedyisfast

    but like I told you.
    There are so many Features and Parameters in the boblight deamon that a user who don`t is a Computer Freak may fail in Setting it up or in Tuning it to the optimum.

    A good documentation is the key to satisfyed users :winking_face:
    I played around a lot with the Parameters - but still don`t know how each Parameter effects the Colors or the behaving of the boblight deamon or the grabber.

    I mean for example - I have an Intervall in fps and a Speed under the Dynamic Settings,...
    I leave this Default because I have no idea what this is doing?
    For sure many users don`t know how each Parameter effects the Thing,...

    Right now I try to figure out what the boblightRemote (Android app) is doing :winking_face:

    Keep on working on this great Project and thX for the Support - I appreciate it!

    GreeT`s Erich

    Thanks to speedyisfast :hurra:

    The light Name was the error - even if I don`t understand why you limmited it?
    This should be flexible in my point of view.
    But maybe there is a reason I don`t know.

    If you know it then it`s ok - otherwise upgrading from an old Version is a pain in the a....
    I always sai - never Change a running System - thats why I didn`t update for a Long time :face_with_rolling_eyes:

    GreeT`s Erich

    I reflashed my Receiver and upgraded boblight from Version 0.5R15, which was running good, to the newest release 0.7r6.

    But my nighmare came true and I don`t get boblight to work,...
    I used the configurator Key 5 from boblight to create the cfg file.

    When I try to start the deamon I get following message.

    Is the configurator not working or what else can cause this?

    I was creating the cfg file manually and now I get following error message

    GreeT`s Erich

    Ich hoffe es kann mir jemand helfen.
    Habe auf dem Receiver Boblight laufen und möchte die LEDs übers Netzwerk vom PC aus ansteuern.
    Also vorallem wenn ich eine Bluray am PC schaue.

    Am PC unter Windows 8 habe ich eine Boblight EXE laufen.


    port 19333

    Am Receiver kann man unter Netzwerkeinstellung auf EIN stellen.
    Gibt man am Receiver nun die IP Adresse des PCs ein.
    Oder muss man in der Boblight Config am PC die IP des Receivers angeben :face_with_rolling_eyes:

    Hat jemand eine Idee wie ich das konfigurieren muss?

    GreeT`s Erich