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    Blu8 the Bootlog??

    we go!!!

    I used nfidump


    dFlash with default parameters

    now I have started from usb "dumbo"


    and now also flash. no longer appears the message ###stop###

    how do I create the log of dFlash?

    @getemine how do I create the log of dFlash?


    nfidump does NOT replace the SSL

    as dflash does not write the SS??

    This is not good

    Older versions of dFlash also writing the SS..


    PS: a bootlog DURING the (failed) extract/flashing would be usefull

    Towards night I am attaching the log


    Nemesis SVN 093 in flash SSL84


    backup of Nemesis SVN 095r6 created with dflash_1.5

    flashing flash with dflash_1.5 and backup SVN 095r6_SSL84

    automatically goes to restart "STOP"

    like when I hold down the stop button

    Nemesis SVN 093 in flash SSL82

    flashing flash with dflash_1.5 and backup SVN 095r6_SSL84

    no problem at restart

    but I always SSL82 though in the backup is present SSL84

    Hi, to all

    I made this plug-in another plug-in

    I wanted to simplify this part:

    line from 44 to 47

    def makeDefault(self):
    if os_environ["LANGUAGE"] == "de":
    self.flaschCom = "/usr/script/ > null"
    self.flaschCom = "/usr/script/ > null"

    I wanted to delete "if os_environ" / "else"


    def makeDefault(self):
    self.flaschCom = "/usr/script/ > null"

    but in this way does not work.

    How I can do?

    Very Thanks..


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    I have 2 usb pen inserted. dumbo a device in the other there are the files. nfi is not the same usb stick

    is useless for dumbo automatically scans the USB stick if he can not use the files nfi present

    Dumbo scan automatically /media/usb and proposes you a list of files .nfi in WebInterface Dumbo.

    I select the usb stick, the file .nfi and I extract.

    dumbo by an error saying incorrect device

    I have to mount the usb stick in:

    mount /dev/sda1 /media/hdd/

    and inside there is the folder backup


    dumbo in there setting set as the path:


    why in automatic proposes you the files that are on usb then if you create the error?