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    I've got green screen every time when I want use single channel full EPG (Info button then yellow button). :( holo-dark.GP with latest version

    Please change in skin this lines, because seconds from time remainong in movie player are outside OLED displey, this is little corrected code:

    In new version in EMC player, movies are played withoit visible progres bar. Only markers are visible, progress point and bar are hiden. In previouse version of EMC all was ok. iCVS 24.03+GP3+EMC 2.0 all modules up to date.


    Originally posted by dsn
    can you upload your skin.xml with this settings?
    and where can i change all this things next time? i dont understand sry... ?(

    In blue panel go to settings then press MENU button, leter blue button then 3 (BP components) and select sensorfilds. And from now You will have sensor configure in Your config settings.

    For CIFS 1 for SMB 3. If not work with SMB try to use CIFS.


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    One bug more. /hdd is a folder not sym link to /var/mnt/hdd and record DVR is not possible. :( That image os more cuted then 2.60 max VAR. Not all functions from scripts ar work. :(

    Go to /var/tuxbox/config/enigma copy file mount.conf and remove all lines.
    Create new line like this:

    Copy file to dreambox and restart dreambox. Now all OK.