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    Does someone knows which secondstage loader comes by default with a genuine Dreambox 800?

    Currently, my box has a secondstage loader 75. Is this is an indication of a clone box even when it is recognized as a genuine box ?

    The box was bought thru an official/reputable German store at a price of €499.00

    Could this be the reason why I can't flash my box with the browser?

    How I can update the secondstage loader to a higher one? Should I?

    If so, can someone point me out in the right direction?


    Here is more info. I tried Internet Explorer, Firefox Mozilla, Google Chrome, and Opera. I'm using a Gemini image version 5.1, any image I tried to flash (including Gemini) gets stuck on 39% or nothing happens. I'm using Windows 7 on PC. I'm using Microsoft Security Essentials on Windows 7, and I' m using the Windows 7 firewall, and I'm using DHCP.

    I'm not sure about what "secondstage loader the box has". How I can find this info?

    In the past I was able to flash my original Dreambox 800 with my browser.

    Currently, when I try to flash the box with the browser it gets stuck on 39%. I have tried several browsers and the results are the same--they get stuck on 39%.

    Could someone please (if available) tell me if there are any options to solve this issue (of course, other than using DreamUp)?


    Hi all,

    Could someone please explain why everytime I upload my channel settings to my dreambox 800 (Gemini 3.90), the names for Premiere Sport 1 and Premiere Sport 2 change from the chosen name to the following names?

    Premiere Sport 1 =11758H SID 0xdd
    Premiere Sport 2 =11719H SID 0xde

    This is happening since release 3.70 or so. Before that everything was ok. I need to mentioned that this is also happening with other channels.

    Any ideas on how to fix this or why this is happening?

    Thank you for your assistance and cooperation.


    By the way, and I forgot to mentioned it, I'm out of the country---away from home, but my family in Germany informed of the new card.


    Originally posted by cs_e
    if you have one why don't you put it in your receiver test it and tell us if it works?

    Based on your answer, I didn't realized I could do this myself, so I could tell the whole community, yeppppppppppp, its works!!!. Of course, I will try it---even without your help or your assistance.

    Nevertheless, thank you for being so smart and pointing out that to me.

    Hi all,

    My question is:

    I just got few minutes ago the new Premiere card. Could someone please tell me if its currently working with CCcam 2.09?

    Thanks in advance!!!

    Hi all,

    Could some one please clarify for me on how to use both the CVS from Schaedelmeister and the Gemini 3.50 or 360 together on the 800 HD box?

    Do I need to install the scvs image in flash, then install the barry allen in tmp file, and then the Gemini on USB?

    Your help is appreciated!!



    Thank you for your answer. Well, my satellite.xml is completely updated. For most HD channels my default is 0 or Auto for the FEC, so I think my satellite.xml is working fine, I guess. What I don't understand is the difference when I downlaod the file from the gemini server versus when I copy the settings to the box. I'm not sure if the 9/10 FEC has to do anything with this problem. Anyway I'll be patient, and keep trying. Thanks again!!!

    To whom it may have time to answer my concerns/questions:

    I have the 800 HD Box, and the Gemini 3.5 image, and it's working fine so far. The only thing that is not working properly are the HD channels when I sent/copy my favorites channels/settings to my box with Dreamset/others editors too. The only way I can see the HD channels is by doing manaul search, and when I do this most of my favorites channels dissappears from my listing.

    What is freaking me out and driving me nuts is that on the IHAD server (through the box) there is a satellite channel settings with HD channels for Astra and Hotbird. So I downloaded, the system restarted it, and """VOILA""" the HD channels can be seen. By the way, it changes the language automatically to German.

    So, can somebody with the expertise or knowledge guide me in the right direction? The question is why when I copy my settings doesn't work and when I download it from the Gemini server the HD works?

    I have been trying for two weeks to fix this but no luck so far.

    Any ideas or suggestions?

    Thanks in advance.

    Hi all,

    I just finished downloading the Gemini 3.50 to the 800hd. After downloading the Astra Channels, and reading the Astra satellite channel information with Dreamset, I noticed that all channels don't have either the V-Pid or A-Pid information. Is this common? Or there is a problem or error? The funny thing is that I have no problem watching the channels. I'm just curious if this OK.

    The other thing is that right before downloading my favorite listing with Dreamset the the box, am able to watch Premiere HD and Discovery HD.

    Once downloaded, I am not able to watch them anymore, and I start getting the message "Tune failed", and I get no signal at all from all encrypted HD Channels.

    Any ideas or suggestions?

    Thank you in advance for your assistance and cooperation.

    No matter what I do, I can't connect to the Gemini server. I installed the latest svcs image from Schaedelmeister in flash, and Gemini 4.30 in a USB stick. I have tried with Gemini 4.20, 4.10, and some other Gemini images, and there is no way I can connect to the Gemini server.

    I have other images running from USB and have no problems connecting to their servers.

    Any ideas, any help? This is driving nuts!!!

    Thank you very much for your assistance and cooperation.


    Hi all,

    Has someone managed to get the signal from 2 different satellites with one LNB? For example, 0.9*E and 10.0E together or 39.0*E and 40.0*E.

    I have a T90. Is this is possible? Just wondering. I have tried several options but so far no luck.

    Any experts out there?


    Best Regards,

    Hi all,

    Just want to know, what are the chances of not watching a channel when the V-PID option is set up to 0 in the channel settings?

    Thanks for any advise.

    PS: Merry X-max to you all.

    This is for the Gemini Developers

    Hi guys. Just wondering if you can create/develop a plug-in similar to TuxCommander but in this case I will call it TuxChannels or TuxServices where services/bouquests/channels can be edited, added. deleted, or moved.

    This could be a good/great tool. Just an idea or just dreaming.

    Thanks all!!!



    Hi all,

    Is there a way to reduce the font in this image, and if so, how/where?

    Also, when pressing the OK button on the remote, the channel info screen is not centered or aliigned correctly--is all the way to the left. Can this be fixed?

    Thanks in advance for any help!!!


    Could some one tell me which emu is currently working with an original Premiiere card on a DM 7000?

    Thanks in advance.


    Originally posted by Hans Dampf

    So far as i know, they changed from QAM64 to QAM256.

    Thanks for the answer, but you got me with the QAM.... What is the meaning?


    Best Regards,