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    in dmm-HDR2 Agentur für GP3 keine kyrillischen LCD Display DM-8000HD
    Kanäle werden nicht mit kyrillischen und STV-Programm auf LcD angezeigt ..
    Sie können das kyrillische Alphabet hinzufügen?



    Originally posted by Micha_123
    Normaly a message appears on the tv for the FP upgrade.

    Wanted to stitch this one imedzh
    The Gemini2 Project 5.0 DM8000
    In Internet Explorer, here is what


    and does not want to be filled.

    How else can you change the version of FP 5 on FP-7?

    I beg your pardon.
    Everything turned out OK
    Took this imedzh :
    Release 3.2.4 vom 04.11.2012

    Filled it in 8000, after the overload prompted to update the FP-5 on FP-7
    Another overload and control will function normally.

    Thank you very much


    Originally posted by Micha_123
    I think the only way is to backup your image with dflash plugin (its a complete backup) flash the 1.6 image. Try to upgrade the FP . Flash your backup image. After flash your dflash backup image you have all your settings, plugins. You dont need to configure your box again. Dflash makes a complete image backup from your own flash.

    Thanks I will try.
    After flashing 1.6 need to put this one module?

    neue dream fernbedienung mit gemini 5.0 fp7 update

    Or you can simply update FP ?

    It did not help, version 5 has remained


    Originally posted by Micha_123
    If not, backup your image and flash the image with the FP upgrade came, (it was an oe1.6 image, so flash the latest stable oe1.6. If it boots an message appears for the fp upgrade. After upgrade your FP, flash your backup image again.

    It did not try, not sure that will help.

    Other options are there?


    Originally posted by netman
    Please log in via telnet and post the output from:

    opkg list-installed | grep frontpro*

    root@dm8000:~# opkg list-installed | grep frontpro*
    enigma2-plugin-systemplugins-frontprocessorupgrade - 3.999git20140924-r9.0


    Originally posted by Micha_123
    If you use the experimentel from just update your box. Be sure you have the frontprocessorupdate plugin installed. If not you can download it on

    Normaly it updates by it self if you make an simple update.

    Yes, I use experimentel from
    frontprocessorupdate plugin installed.
    in DM8000 installed all available updates
    New updates are not accepted.

    Maybe you can set the FP-V7 separately?

    Bschaar , markus21 ,arneande

    Thanks for voshi advice.
    Remote control and batteries with new ones.


    How can I do to make the transition from the FP-V5 to FP-V7 ?
    I think the Problem is that.

    I have a DM-8000

    Datum: 2014.08.02 21.42
    Enigma2: 3.999git20140624-r9.2
    Distribution: Opendreambox 2.0.0
    Machine: Dreambox DM8000
    Gemini-Version 0.80-r9
    Enigma Version 2014-09-24-tarball
    Secondstage 84-r12.0
    DVB-Modules: 3.2-dm8000-20140604-r7.0

    Frontprozessor Version: 5

    Bought new remote Omicron it does not work with my DM-8000
    DIP switch is set to a different position, in all possible positions.
    Does not work, the remote does not work anyway.

    How can I fix this problem?

    Meine DM8000HD nicht mit der Fernbedienung arbeiten Omikron
    Mit frontprotsesor Version 7 Die Fernbedienung sollte mit Omicron DM8000HD arbeiten
    Was Sie tun müssen, um die Version 5 auf Version 7 ändern?
    Soviel neues imedzh:
    Image Version: Experimental 2012-12-29

    Sag mir, was ich tun muss?


    Original von Bschaar
    mal die sufu anwerfen :winking_face:

    FP-Front Prozessor ???

    Datum: 2014.08.02 21.42
    Enigma2: 3.999git20140624-r9.2
    Distribution: Opendreambox 2.0.0
    Machine: Dreambox DM8000

    Frontprozessor Version: 5

    wie man ein Update frontprotsessor Version 5 auf Version 7 zu tun

    sorry für mein Deutsch