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    Dreambox + regular abo card, or Dreambox + emu + keys let me decode a stream as it comes down from the satellite.
    So if I grab the program on my hard disk, I get a perfectly regular vob file.

    Is it be possible to record the *encrypted* stream and then decode it
    on the dreambox (or on PC) as it plays back?
    Would the regular abo card or the emu decode the stream?
    Is there a PC program that lets me do that?


    Hi, I have a 5620 and I had a similar problem: after flashing, the box
    didn't boot. The LCD display kept showing ---- and nothing was
    I solved the problem this way:
    1. Turn off the dreambox, unplug all cables.
    2. Leave it there doing nothing for a couple of hours.
    3. Flash again via Null-modem cable.

    Optional: connect the external box to ground somehow.
    Hope this helps.

    I have tried recording with my 5620S with both NFS and ggrab, and with both Gemini and Neutrino images.
    The results with gemini are bad with both methods, while with Neutrino I get very good results with ggrab only (video disabled).
    It seems that at the moment (and I don't really think DMM will EVER fix this bloody issue) the only way to get good recordings with a 5620 is
    to free as many resources as possible: that's why disabling video and killing all "unnecessary" processes gets you through.
    I'm happy lo learn that suneclipse was also able to get good NFS recordings and I will for sure try myself (I never killed sectionsd).

    Bei mir (aber mit ein dreambox 5620S) funktioniert am bestens so:
    - Neutrino image
    - Video de-aktivierung während aufnahmen
    - ggrab server am PC seite
    - Aufnahme starten mit timer oder fernbedienung
    Mit alle andere methoden (wie z.b. NFS) und imagen bekomme ich unbrauchbar resultaten.
    The best I get (but with my Dreambox 5620S) is with the Neutrino
    image. This image is the only one (I think) that can disable the video
    while recording (so that the dreambox has a little more free resources
    to use).
    - Install Neutrino
    - Disable video while recording
    - Start ggrab server on your PC
    - Start recording with timer or remote control
    With all the other methods (e.g. NFS recording) and images (e.g.
    Gemini, which is in every other aspect a fantastic image) I have tried
    and tried and have always ended up with unusable recordings.

    Please excuse my german.

    Does anybody know how to switch the Dreambox to one of the data channels (like GIGA or ALICESAT) with a Neutrino image?
    I did not try really hard, but I can't find a way...


    Solution: edit services.xml, find your data channel and change t="c" to t="1". Save and exit. Reload channels.
    In TV mode now you can select the channel just like any other regular channel. Tune in. Don't mind the error. Start skynet.

    Hi all,

    please excuse me, I'm quite sure that this subject has been already
    discussed somewhere else on this board, but since my german is
    not really good it seems I can't make an efficient search.

    The problem is simple: on my 5620 with neutrino image, I have noticed
    that some channels are not found anymore. That's because they recently changed frequency/transponder.

    I tried making a new full service scan, the scan works fine, but after the scan I get the same channel list with the same "service not found" error when I try to switch on the channels that have changed frequency/transponder.

    Where am I wrong? Is there another thread on the subject?

    From my experience, it depends both on the stream and on the recording method:
    nfs recording gives me a large ts file (with multiple audio tracks), while
    ggrab recording gives me a smaller vob file.
    In the latter case a rough filesize approximation would be 1 hour=1GB.

    This is very interesting! I hope you can post the results of nfs/cifs recording soon.

    Do you think we should tell DMM? :409:

    Since I don't have any soldering skills whatsoever, and since I wouldn't like to kill my 5620, I would be grateful if you could describe the job with a little more detail, so I can go find a man who can do it and tell him how it has to be done.
    Thank you and congratulations.

    Jan69, a little note on your tests: you compare cifs recording with gemini and ngrab recording with neutrino.

    1. On my 5620 nfs recording gives bad results no matter what image I use - I think that's because with nfs recording you get the whole stream.
    2. Ggrab goes better, no matter what image I have - I think that's because with ggrab you get just video and 1 audio track.
    3. Neutrino gives 100% good results ONLY with video disabled AND ggrab, I think because you both have to free as many resources you can (and video disable does just that) and at the same time, keep the stream to a reasonable level (and that's why grab goes better than nfs).

    Bottom line: the hardware problem is there, stays there and is a real trouble. The only workaround that can get you good recordings is to free as many resources as you can afford and keep the stream down as much as possible.

    Finally: DMM say they will release a new driver that will solve the hardware problem by taking advantage of an undocumented feature of the vulcan chip (DMM board): this means they too will not actually solve the hardware problem, but just develop a software workaround. Too bad they haven't done anything yet, and I don't believe they will in the future. As I said, that's not serious. And come to think about it, they could have used a better network interface in the first place, instead of the piece of crap they gave us.

    Just a few words, I have already said what I think and know in my previous post, at the beginning of this thread.

    From my personal and very limited experience facts seem to be like this:
    1. My 5620S has a network problem (tested and experienced with a few different images);
    2. DMM says it's a hardware problem (DMM board), and I believe it.

    1. Wait for DMM to take care of it, even though they say it's not easy,
    and even though they don't seem to have it as a priority;
    2. Wait for some cool developer to do the job.

    Now, since my personal need for a good network performance is primarily to get good recordings, the solution that works better is ggrab + Neutrino image with video disabled. Of course, this
    does not solve the hardware problem, but it's better than nothing: I may not get full network, but I do get good recordings.

    By the way, I truly believe DMM should be ashamed and fix this really fast: they advertised 100Mbit full duplex and they didn't get anywhere near it. That's not serious. And leaving people waiting for months without fixing the damn bug is not serious either.

    On the old DMM board you can find a few threads.
    Even in the new one, just try a search.

    The bottom line seems that the network hardware we have in our
    5620 and 500 is not so good and the driver can't make it work
    properly. This problem is known to DMM and they say they are
    working on it. They have to devise a software workaround for the
    hardware problem and it doesn't seem so simple. At least, this is what
    they say (on DMM board).

    BUT, you still can get perfect recordings with a Neutrino image.
    With Neutrino, you can disable video while recording and this seems to
    give the required additional resources to the dreambox.
    Tested ok on 5620S and ggrab.

    You'll have to do without gemini, and I know, that's bad. But recordings
    are really good. I'd like gemini to have such a nifty feature, but I don't know if it is possible.

    (DMM board: http://www.dream-multimedia-tv…thread.php?threadid=11897, read what tmbinc says)

    I think you have to install the nfs server plugin on the 7020 and set it up in order to share a directory on the hard disk. Then you can go on the 500 and make an nfs mount of the shared directory.
    But, since I don't have a 7020 ;( and since I don't have a 500, I might of course be wrong... ;)
    But, since I do linux to linux nfs mount with my DB5620 and my PC, I might even be right =)
    Hope this helps.

    On a linux PC, if you have all your files in the same directory (e.g. mydir), and you want to create the file mytar.tar.bz2, from a terminal
    write the following command line:

    tar cjf mytar.tar.bz2 mydir

    There are also a number of applications that let you create and manipulate archives, try google with "create tar bz2 archive".

    Hi all,

    I'm trying grab recording on my Debian Sarge PC with ggrab/sserver and I have the following problem: sserver starts the scheduled recording task all ok, but then for some reason I can't understand, after some time (might be 5 minutes or 1 hour) the recording stops. On my Pc I see "timeout wait for data" and "stop recording", on my dreambox 5620 there is no message. Can anybody give me some advice? Thanks.
    I'm trying to learn german, so here it goes:

    Ich versuche grab aufnahmen an mein Debian Sarge PC mit ggrab/sserver, aber gibt es problemen: sserver startet die aufnahmen aufgabe, alles ok, aber nach etwas zeit (kann 5 min oder 1 stunde sein) die aufnahme stoppt. An mein PC gibt es "timeout wait for data" und "stop recording", an mein DB5620 gibt es kein warnung. Kann jemand hilfen? Danke sehr.

    Danke fur deine infos, alles ok mit 5620, neutrino und camd3.
    Weisst du 'was fur newcamd auch?

    Thanks for your infos, I got neutrino and camd3 working in no time!
    Problem is, I would like to install newcamd also and I can't seem to
    get it working...

    [newcamd-v6.06 22:17:32] cws Connection refused
    [newcamd-v6.06 22:17:33] cws Connection refused
    [newcamd-v6.06 22:17:33] cws client UDS:0 connect: No such file or directory
    [newcamd-v6.06 22:17:33] cws UDS:0: Connection failed


    Thanks for your prompt answer!
    Danke fur ihre schnelle antworte!

    I'd like to know if nfs recording works or if it has problems.
    Es wurde mich interessieren ob das Mutant 200S problemen hat mit
    nfs aufnahme (ruckeln, wie Dreambox 500 und 5600) oder nicht.

    Thanks, and please forgive my german...
    Danke und bitte entschuldingen fur mein deutsch...

    Has anybody heard about it? They say it's a linux receiver with LAN,
    similar to dreambox 500S.
    Is gemini compatible with this receiver?
    Does it have the same problems that DB 500 and 5600 series have
    (bad nfs recording due to bad network driver) ?


    yahoo search: NFS CIFS difference.

    NFS is the "Network File System" for Unix and Linux operating systems. It allows files to be shared transparently between servers, desktops, laptops etc. It is a client/server application that allows a user to view, store and update files on a remote computer as though they were on their own computer. Using NFS, the user or a system administrator can mount all or a portion of a file system.
    CIFS is the "Common Internet File System" used by Windows operating systems for file sharing. CIFS uses the client/server programming model. A client program makes a request of a server program (usually in another computer) for access to a file or to pass a message to a program that runs in the server computer. The server takes the requested action and returns a response. CIFS is a public or open variation of the Server Message Block Protocol (SMB) developed and used by Microsoft, and it uses the TCP/IP protocol.

    NFS and CIFS are the primary file systems used in NAS. CIFS tends to be a bit more "chatty" in its communications.

    Other useful info here: