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    Tell me, how is it possible to configure.
    I have USB Storage on the router, using the network access is available as
    \\\ volume1

    I would like to watch videos through vlc plugin from pcd 8.0, but I can not understand how to register a server.

    Thanks for the new server!!!

    After the addition of plugin vlc , when selecting a video file, no errors, but the video does
    not sound is not produced.
    Moves slider, as if the video is.

    on pc vlc 0.86 1.04 2.01 2.02

    what can be done?

    Since the server is not ready yet, and the various programs is not entirely compatible.
    Could someone throw pak plugins required to view video from your computer to Dream, by this firmware.
    vlcplayer, webmediavlc, mediaplayer etc

    Thank you.

    When I select the video from the computer I get a crash with errors.

    getResolvedKey config.mediaplayer.useAlternateUserAgent failed !! (Typo??)
    eServiceMP3::playbin2 uri=
    getResolvedKey config.plugins.crashlogautosubmit.sendAnonCrashlog failed !! (Typo??)
    getResolvedKey config.plugins.crashlogautosubmit.addNetwork failed !! (Typo??)
    getResolvedKey config.plugins.crashlogautosubmit.addWlan failed !! (Typo??)

    Tell me how to fix it?

    Help please on errors :loudly_crying_face:
    I have DM600PVR DVB-C

    1. During the auto scan by step - a error in the file in line 161

    2. During an attempt to go to the server to download plug - i get a xml file
    <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC ....

    3. I cant install on mgcamd. In any version, I get the error

    An error ocurred, return value: 4.
    Collected errors:
    Cannot find package enigma2-plugin-cams-mgcamd.
    Check the spelling or perhaps run 'ipkg update'

    Please, give me how to solve these issues, or where to find information. The second night without sleep, trying to build :)


    Originally posted by elmartino
    something seems to be corrupt on the add-on server? When I am in 'Addon Manager' -> 'Download and Install Addons' I only see a xml-file, not the list of options. Like <!Doctype HTML Public....

    Is it working correctly for others?


    and how to fix it?