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    1. Import your channel list into an editor such as DreamBoxEdit.
    2. Change the Sky Interactive channels from 'Data' to 'TV' type.
    3. Export the amended channels list back to your dreambox.
    4. Reboot your box
    5. The Sky Interactive channels should now appear in your list in TV Mode so you can now zap to them.

    Good luck!

    Thanks...fantastic work!

    Two further requests (if possible):

    1. Possibility to display games in Local Time in Options.
    2. Put all picons as one download rather than splitting out by leagues.
    3. Make the latest version of this great plugin downloadable from the first post in this thread and remove all others.

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    Excellent plugin - thanks!

    It would be nice to allow users to set their LOCAL TIME so that 'Today's Matches' are displayed according to their time zone. Maybe include in 'Options' section of the plugin.

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    Yes I was aware of that - Thanks.
    However, my question is how to suspend without changing/deleting any timer events.

    A bit like 'Crond' status which can be disabled in Blue Panel/Extras/Services/Daemons to prevent execution of scripts when you do not want to.

    Maybe I need to write a script which prevents access to the timer.epl in such situations.

    Any help would be appreciated.


    It appears that timer events have priority over manual recordings which may/may not be desirable.

    How is it possible to suspend timer recordings without deleting/modifying the timer list?

    It would be a nice feature in the image to have a simple setting which disables timer events ad-hoc.

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    DM7000 & DM600pvr
    Gemini 4.40

    I love the new feature in this image that allows you to specify the 'record location' in the 'Timer Edit' menu.

    It would be nice if this could be enhanced so that you can specify a 'record location' which is on a networked drive. For example, /automount/nfs/movie.

    I am aware that you can set the record location using Extras/Setup/Record but that is not timer event specific.

    Grateful if you could consider this request.

    This image is very very stable indeed!

    Thanks and regards

    I had the same problem but it works if you select Picon (Channel Name) in the 'extra field' before selecting Picon Place.

    Finally reboot enigma to save setting.

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    (p.s. the image is fabulous and I love the record to folder feature especially)

    Sorry for English.

    Whilst using the remote control to navigate the menus, my dreambox DM7000S suddenly locked up. After rebooting the box I found the remote control does not operate the dreambox, however, pressing TV on the remote allows the remote to operate the TV ok.

    I have checked the remote control on my second box (DM600pvr) and the same problem there. I have also tried the DM600pvr remote control on my DM7000S and all works 100%.

    Anybody know what the problem could be?

    Is there a master reset of the remote control so that I can get it into 'factory reset' and maybe get it working properly again?

    Thanks and regards


    There is a plugin I use which removes all 'New Found Flags' on your Dreambox. I could not find this plugin using Gemini blue button downloads but I hope the Gemini Team do include it as it is very useful.

    It works well for me in both Dm7000S and DM600pvr using latest Gemini 4.3.0 image. It should work on other images too.

    Just FTP both files in the attached archive to /var/tuxbox/plugins and Chmod 755.

    Kind Regards


    I am curious to know if the Gemini team has now distanced itself from any sinister approach by DMM to 'exclusively' offer them 'killer/unknown' drivers in the future??

    If DMM knowingly used Gemini for ulterior motives then Gemini should sue DMM for defamation or both parties should make a joint statement of truth to clear the air otherwise sadly the innuendo will never stop.

    Kind Regards

    (DM7000 & DM600PVR Original boxes running Gemini 4.30)

    Yes I can concur with this problem too. At first I thought it was an image problem but maybe it is the skin as you say.

    The trouble is I cannot really replicate the problem definitively.

    I love the Blueline-3 skin but for test purposes I have gone back to default Gemini Blueline skin and so far I have not had an enigma crash. Maybe I had too much info displayed on infobar when zapping using Blueline-3.

    Another enigma crash prone situation is when using submenus on Interactive (Data Channels) which are converted to 'TV Type' such as SKY Interactive channels on 28E.

    I will give an update on this problem when I next experience it.

    Kind Regards