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    Using wired gigabyte network around the house, so I presume the dreamboxes are linking at 100 no probs. Tested on two different machines and streaming from the DM500's and the DM800 perfectly, just the DM600. Like I said, not a major issue, but if you have any further ideas?

    Also, I thought I'd try the mediacentre as I do play mp3's from my server in the bedroom, but it says

    An error occured, return value: 4.
    Collected errors:
    Cannon find package /tmp/mediacenter.v0.92_1_powerpc.ipk
    Check the spelling or perhaps run 'ipkg update'

    I take it that by using the hdd, I can test as many plugins as I want without worrying about memory?

    Cheers guys,

    Thank You Thank You Thank You!!!

    EPG Import working now, thanks kelehrl.

    It's a bit slow to download, but who cares, will set it to run at 4.00am every day!

    Be great if someone could port crossepg to this system, that works great on the DM800.

    I'm so nearly there now, the webinterface is working, but the streaming keeps freezing every couple of seconds. Any ideas? Not a major thing to me as I can always stream from one of my DM500 boxes, but if I get this mastered, I've got a friend I want to set up but he only has 1xDM800 and 1xDM600.


    Good Morning, here I go again!!!

    Thanks for the post kelehrl, I'm missing the zlib file, it's not on the server. If you could get us a link, that would be great. Also, is it necessary to restart enigma after each addon or can I just install all then restart?

    FYI PCD, I do have a hard drive and I'm installing in flash. To be honest, I don't see the point of multiboot on the DM600 as there are only a couple of E2 images available. Prefer to stabilise this one and fix it in the bedroom.

    I have two DM500's as well, so if I get this working I might upgrade them to DM600's. Or I might treat myself to a new "main" box and move the DM800 upstairs. Thinking of DM8000 (Clone) or VU Duo, anyone got opinions on which one's best?


    Thanks kelehrl and PCD for all your help, but I'm actually going backwards!

    I've reinstalled the image and started from scratch, but I'm still getting the Extensions/EPGImport (no module named zlib)

    However, now I'm also getting
    Extensions/WebInterface (no module named twisted.web)
    Extensions/CCcaminfo (no module named twisted.internet)

    Think I'll call it a night and have another go tomorrow.

    Now I'm struggling. The EPG Import wants the zlib file that I accidently deleted earlier (note to PCD, confirm on delete addons would be handy). So I thought I'd reflash the image (clever eh?). No! It still has the addons as before and still has the zlib error. How do I do a complete erase when reflashing? Never had this before and I've flashed a lot of boxes! I've tried flashing twice, but no joy.

    You the man!

    Hi PCD

    Actually got it sorted by uninstalling and reinstalling the basic pack items that existed in the addons. Pretty much what you said in your post. I just think during the flash, it hasn't installed all items. However, I accidently deleted the Python-Zlib ... is this important?

    To be honest, once I've finished tweaking, I'm going to re-load the image from scratch which should put the Zlib file back.

    Now going to try the partnerbox addon on the DM800 to see if it will record. Could never get it to work from E2 to E1 which I'm presuming was due to the bouquets being different as it would set a timer, but it wouldn't record.

    Regarding the samba linking, I'll test that out and if I get it working succefully will post a "how to" on this forum. Worked great linking to E1, you could even start playing it while it was still recording effectively giving you a sly+ twin tuner box! The only thing with E1 was that it took the length of the recording when it first started playing and therefore would end early, but you just played the recording again and accepted play from last position. Hopefully, E2 may solve this, put to be fair, it was never a big issue.

    Regarding sly+ twin tuner, I have four boxes in the house, so I've got a quad tuner ha! ha!

    Keep up the good work PCD,


    Hi PCD

    Thanks for adding the webinterface addon. I tried it, but first off got a list of errors regarding needing twisted web which the system said was installed. Anyway, uninstalled twisted and twisted web and re-installed, but it now says...

    No Module named twisted web!

    Help, I think I'm nearly there. but....


    P.S. For anyone reading this, the image is really stable and channel changing very fast. Good job .... just a few tweaks needed.

    This image looks promising, but I can't get any addons to work. I've put the new download server on, but only get a selection of addons. No graphmultiepg or webinterface. I know the graphmultiepg is supposed to be installed, but it's not! All I get is GraphMultiEPG plugin is not installed Please install it with Addon Manager. It doesn't appear in addon manager. Same thing with EPGimport.

    The only three things I really need and they're not working!

    Also, you list a long list of addons, but where are they? They don't show up on the download list.

    My reason for changing to E2, is because I have a DM800 downstairs and the missus complains that the box in the bedroom works different. If I could get these things working, life would be so easier. But after two days trying, I'm starting to wonder....