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    Original von skills
    opkg update
    opkg install v4l-dvb-module-dib0070 v4l-dvb-module-dib3000mc v4l-dvb-module-dib7000p v4l-dvb-module-dib7000m v4l-dvb-module-dibx000-common v4l-dvb-module-dvb-pll v4l-dvb-module-dvb-usb v4l-dvb-module-dvb-usb-dib0700 v4l-dvb-module-mt2060 v4l-dvb-module-mt2266 v4l-dvb-firmware-dvb-usb-dib0700-1.20 v4l-dvb-module-dib8000 v4l-dvb-module-dib0090

    danke, mein freund!

    Hi all
    please I have a particular question about new CVS,

    I tried to configure my dm8000 no clone with
    iCVS Image vom 04.02.2011 in flash like NFS and/or CIFS server to comunicate with a 800se (no clone), same iCVS Image vom 04.02.2011
    in flash, but it's impossible.
    I execute the network browser with the 8000, it find the 800se, I configure with the Ip adress ,, but anyting work.
    But if in the server (dm8000) I installed the OoZooN-Image-dm8000-3.0.1.nfi, whit the same parameter all work good!!!
    what is the difference on the nfs software between the Icvs and the oozoon image ???
    why the oozoon works and the Icvs no works ???
    thank all

    (sorry for my english)

    Hi my friend,
    Can you tell me if the Hauppauge Win-nova TV works on the last Icvs image ??
    thank for yor help...


    Original von dreamboxrss
    funktionieren die DVB T Treiber vom SIFI Team in diesem Image.
    Bislang konnte ich meinen MSI DVBT Stick mit allen CVS Images außer SifiTeam zum laufen bringen.

    v4l-dvb-module-zl10353_0.0_hg20100904-r5 5_dm800se.ipk (6,46 KB, 5 mal heruntergeladen)
    v4l-dvb-module-qt1010_0.0_hg20100904-r55 _dm800se.ipk (6 KB, 4 mal heruntergeladen)
    v4l-dvb-module-dvb-usb-gl861_0.0+hg20100 904-r55_dm800se.ipk (4,29 KB, 4 mal heruntergeladen)
    extuner_1.8-r1_mipsel.ipk (7 KB, 4 mal heruntergeladen)

    please to install winTV-Nova-T hauppauge which of these ones 3 files I must install ???
    thank you all..

    Thank my friends!
    I installed this image without problems in multiboot
    (flash gemini 4.70) with barryallen_5.0.17 for E1.

    Now I'll test this image and I report here all problems..
    but I have a question.. is possible to find and install the driver for WIN TV Nova-T USB ??'
    thank all..

    ohhh! Yes ! siennaroot you are absolutely right!!!
    I remember, in the depliants for purchase the dm8000 I read "new dreambox with new mainboard"

    Ok.. thank,
    So I shoud wait for a new release of barryallen ???

    hi all!
    I have a 8000 no clone,
    I installed in flash the OoZooN-Image-dm8000-20100914,
    I tried to install barryallen_5.1.38 2 times:
    the first whithout usb only on CF memory, by online plugin-system panel, but the installation stops for error;
    the second whith gemini 5.1 in flash, always in CF memory but I have error and stop the installation. Have you some suggestions ?
    I need to install barryallen in CF memory is it possible ?
    Thank for your answers ..

    thank for your job!
    please, I want install this image in multiboot, what is the better image to install in flash for use multiboot in 7020 to use
    Enigma2 Pcd 3.1 ?
    the last CVS for E1 is "scvs-image-dm7020-20081209201343"
    thank all

    hi all
    my friends I have problem, my hauppauge doesn't works,
    thisi is my configuration
    in flash gemini 5.1
    usb_1 (sda) Barryallen 5.1.35
    I use an other Gemini 5.1 no in flash but in usb
    I tried to install the drivers on the gemini 5.1 in the usb
    the installation is ok and the driver is perfectly recognised, but when I go on the tuner choose for the channel search the second tuner (hauppauge nova TD) is not present.
    may be because the secind tuner works only with gemini 5.1 in flash ? or it's not important ??
    thank all

    hallo all friends !!
    I'm tring to dowload on blu panel
    but it doesn't work ...
    is there any problems on the server ?
    thank all