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    Thanks for answers

    But stupid question. People from Gemini don't have the capability to add the support in the gemini image.
    Why it need to be added by DMM.

    May be it's license problem but could it be added technically speaking ?

    if yes how much it's difficult ?



    I know but I talk specifically for BisTV in france that will use the french standard audio AC3+.
    I read in the DMM forum that AC3+ is not supported by the DMM could you confirm that ?



    Sorry for the english but I think that the best forum to get answer about DM is here. Thanks

    My Question is the DM800 HD compatible with new Bis Tv encoding :
    MPEG4 + AC3 digital sound.

    There is a test channel on Hotbird at : 12692/ Pol. H/ Débit Symb. 27500/ FEC 3/4. But on my DM800 I get black screen.

    Could you help me ?



    Sorry for my english but as you know here this is THE gemini best forum.

    My question is about WEB-X-TV or vlc. I have installed the last version on my DM500 so far so good all is OK except the WEB-X-T or vlc from the web interface. I've installed vlc + activex plugin 0.82 bu nothing....
    I enter the web click on WEB-X-TV link a window open with symbol of vlc but no image ....

    So thanks for any help, hint



    I wish to only record, not streaming or view image from dreambox to PC.

    1/ Is it possible with DM500 to do that
    2/ I've heard about Ngrab but I can't find any tutorial or help how to config it on dreambox and PC

    Thanks For help



    First I'm really sorry to talk in english but I don't know dutch.
    Second I'm also sorry to ask this question if it's has been already answered in the forum.

    Ok I've a DB500S I've flashed with Gemini : Gemini_1.02_1230

    All is ok and Working except for network:

    My network configuration is :

    Switch 10/100
    Modem ADSL act as a router (he connect to my provider not my pc) IP :
    Pc : ip :
    dBOX : IP :

    I configure the dreambox like this to access internet :
    IP :
    Gateway (my modem router):
    Subnet :
    NameServer : Ip of DNS of my provider

    I save then I connect to the dream with telnet and try a ping to dns all is ok the dream communicate outside

    Now I enter the blue menu of the gemeni and choose to connect to internet : a windows open with title pppoe connection
    I see Communicate .........
    then failed TIMEOUT

    The box can't connect outside from gemini, more than that after that I telnet the dbox then I can't anymore ping outside "network not found"

    I need to renter setup then resave the network config to be able to ping outside.

    I don't know what to do, but it's seems that gemini try to connect using it's own configuration but I'm not shure ...

    Thanks for any help