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    Originally posted by Swiss-MAD

    What can you uninstall and it reinstall itself on every boot ?

    I had never used CrossEPG, i don't now what for problems gives with the automaticcleanup.
    And you are her on wrong tread with problems on CrossEPG or automaticcleanup.

    Actually my initial question was about Suomipoeka 0.96 and its compatibilty with the automaticcleanup plugin. Following that I let myself veer of the subject, sorry.


    Originally posted by Swiss-MAD

    No this is not compatible with the enigma2-plugin-systemplugins-automaticcleanup.
    But this plugin ist old and no longer under development.

    Please use the successor Enhanced Movie Center (EMC) V.2.0.2 by Coolman & Swiss-MAD and this ist compatibel with enigma2-plugin-systemplugins-automaticcleanup.

    It may be so but it came with yesterday's version of Enigma2 for GP3 with iCVS(42 updates including that of enigma2), and though I can uninstall it, it reinstalls itself on every boot. I am currently using the Cooman & Swiss plugin, but I now have problems with crossepg which seem to be due to enigma2-plugin-systemplugins-automaticcleanup.


    Originally posted by cs_e
    so you tell me that you are not using an emu to decrypt your bistv card?
    Without an emu it will not work in the card slots of the box and you will get no renewels ;)

    we will not discuss this here because it is against the IhaD Boardrules... ;)

    Sorry again but I am not using an EMU, any softcam. As you will see on the Bis TV site, the Bis TV card works on any receiver with a Viaccess 3 or 4 certified reader. It also worked perfectly on my TNTSAT receiver from Strong which is labelled "CanalReady" (it also works with Canal Plus/Canal Sat cards). As you may check on the Bis TV site, they do not impose any type of receiver, but they recommend some that they have tested. My only problem was with the renewal of the card's rights on May 1st, just after Bis TV channels had switched to mpeg4. (Till then I had never experienced problems with rights renewal).These rights would not renew on the upper slot where the car was, and it is only by chance that I found out that it did work on the lower slot. Of course since sometime in April the card no longer works on my TNTSAT receiver as it is the SD model that does not support mpeg4.


    Originally posted by cs_e
    the readers are the same...

    but we are not allowed to discuss about emus here in the forum ;)

    please check the boardrules.

    I was not talking about EMUs but about the original Bis TV card. This is a payTV subscription. I was talking about rights renewals.

    Bis TV does not force you to use their recommended receiver, so I am not breaching anyone's rights.

    I have a Dreambox 8000 and a French Bis TV smartcard. My Bis TV rights (Hotbird only) must be renewed monthly. On May 1st I tried to renew my card's right, to no avail. A few days before all Bis TV channels had switched to mpeg4, SD or HD. Well, in spite of all my efforts I could not renew those rights. I contacted Bis TV without, however, memtioning that I have a Dreambox. (Bis TV says you can use any Viaccess 3 & 4-ready system, but does not offer support when the receiver is not amongst those recommended by them.). They told me my rights had been renewed and something was probably wrong with my card reader.

    I was at a loss what to do when I removed another smartcard that was in the lower card slot of my DM 8000 to insert it in another receiver, and moved my Bis TV card from the upper slot to the lower slot. Then a miracle happened! Rights were instantly renewed and the card is working again.

    Apparently the Bis TV card works in both slots but rights are renewed only when inserted in the lower slot. Is DMM using a different card reader in both slots? At the moment I do not wish to disconnect and open my Dreambox to check, but maybe someone here has the answer.


    Originally posted by MikeTheDon

    Just installed this skin and changed the font by modyfying the "skin.xml" file as I didn't like the italic font neither. I have choosen the "original HD1R2" font which looks great on my screen. After modification, the "skin.xml" looks like this:

    <!-- new Font -->
    <!-- <font filename="/usr/share/enigma2/Zombi.HD1R3/fonts/georgiaz.ttf" name="Regular" scale="98"/> -->
    <!-- original HD1R2 Font -->
    <font filename="/usr/share/enigma2/Zombi.HD1R3/fonts/HandelGotDBol.ttf" name="Regular" scale="94"/>
    <!-- original DMM Font -->
    <!-- <font filename="nmsbd.ttf" name="Regular" scale="100"/> -->

    Thanks. Works fine. I suppose, however, that the file will have to be edited whenever the skin is updated. Fortunately this should not happen too often.

    Unfortunately this excellent skin has now become less so. Why not offer a choice of non-italic characters as before? As earlier said they don't look good on my Full HD screen, not only because they are italics (I just don't like them, this is a question of personal taste) but also because they are too big, with some menu entries truncated. Unfortunately I had to switch back to another skin, but would gladly return to it if a choice of non-italic characters was offered.

    With the new ICVS image with GP3 as released today all my Favorites/Bouquets lists have also disappeared -save one-. I thought something was corrupt and tried to create new bouquets but the menu key does not allow this any more. Is there another way to create bouquets or is this a bug?

    Sorry, my German being close to nonexistant I have not understood all that was written in this thread. Where is the "allow multiple bouquets" option?

    PS: Sorry, I had simply missed it. Once one goes in the Customize menu everything comes back. I do not see the use of the option not to have multiple bouquets, though...

    However, there is apparently again a problem with the xmltv files with Crossepg.

    All in all having so much memory freed is a new experience!