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    Would it be possible to implement a new feature in enigma1 (and2 even) in the following menu "shutdown"

    Reboot AT xx -> opens new menu "reboot "every day at 4am"

    this would be very handy for OSCAM to have a clean restart so my ita card doesn't go down.

    I don't want to to do this with CRON, and it would be a nice standard option in enigma.


    This is a VERY NICE skin ! Really awesome , thank you for your work. I have just 2 small bugs i found.

    The picon left (channel picon) doesn't always show, altough when i press TV button , the picon shows just fine.

    I am using newnigma2 and picon-3d-hd , works fine on some channels but not all in infobar, only in TV button (when list shows up)

    Provider icons working fine. So besides the small bugs, very nice skin. Keep it up!