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    Warum ist das Github repo (tikila/elegance.HD) leer?
    Es wäre toll, in der Lage, direkt beizutragen.

    (Google Translated)

    Great skin.

    Only issue is the default font does not contain polish characters thus making epg awful for polish channels.

    I've found the same font which includes them all and even looks better defined, it can be downloaded here.
    Please replace it if you find it appropriate.



    Original von curlinux
    ist ein problem mit ssh/telnet bekannt? in letzter zeit hab ich mehrfach ein problem per telnet/ssh auf die box zu kommen, wenn sie z.B. 1-2 Tag lief, ping funktioniert noch. hab im board gesucht aber nix gefunden

    I'm having exactly the same problem, even after the latest updates.
    Did you get to solve it?

    Hi all,

    Is there a known issue with the ssh service?

    It's already happened a couple of times that I suddenly cannot connect to my box anymore using ssh, while the rest (web, samba, etc) still work.


    I've I have understood correctly all these last messages, it's best not to upgrade yet, right?

    Is it something that needs to be fixed by the devs or it's simply that the changes require to reflash + reinstall FE?


    The link for 800se should be…mage-dm800se-20120711.nfi instead.

    And the changelog ... that's the previous one, isn't it?

    Thanks for the hard work!


    Das kopieren kann man auch mit dem Flash Feature vom aktuellen dFlash erledigen lassen wenn man dort das Flashtool auf rambo stellt.

    That's the only part in the install procedure that I could not understand.
    Isn't it enough to copy the .nfi into the usb stick? What's dFlash?



    Original von gutemine
    10MB Freespace is hardly enough that the images suvives an upgrade, but you will find out yourself

    That's true.

    I will try rambo. I've read through the thread with the little German I remember and I think I've understood the procedure. I'll ask my lost-in-translation questions in there :)


    I had the same problem. My workaround work`s for me.
    Open the file /etc/fstab with a unix editor and search the row (mount command) for your drive.

    Thanks flupie! changing the "noauto" to "auto" makes a lot of sense, I had not noticed it was set up like that by default in fstab.

    Moving those files to my pendrive and symlinking them did not work, the box never got to reboot completely. Did it work for you Frpe82?

    It looks like those files where used before the pendrive was mounted so it just hang there waiting.

    I had to move them again to flash in order to get the box boot up again.

    Any ideas?

    Yeah, that made the volume control work! :)

    I put the "mixer_type" into the brackets though:

    audio_output {
    type "oss"
    name "My OSS Device"
    device "/dev/dsp" # optional
    format "44100:16:2" # optional
    mixer_type "software" # optional

    Now everything works but just out of curiosity ... is there a reason alsa won't work in dm800se? Is it normal?

    Thanks again schnurzelpurzel!

    Sorry I bump into this thread in English:

    I tried the config files posted in this thread but I only got it working by using oss instead of alsa, otherwise mpd would hang and stop responding when as soon as I played anything.

    My config looks like this:

    The backdraw is that I lose volume control :(

    Is there a reason alsa won't work in my DM800SE?
    I tried restarting the box and everything ...

    Thanks in advance!