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    Is it possible to make the plugin a bit more PLi friendly ?

    The first one is simple
    Adding an alternative path to the picons as \picons

    The second one is a bit more work probably.
    Supporting the alternative numbering mode. The way it is now, the numbering in the display completely doesn't match the numbers I see in the OSD.
    Alternative Numbering mode makes it so that each bouquet starts at nr1

    I notice that even with the regular numbering the numbers are not correct.
    This is due to the lack of support of the fastscan numbering. This uses something called 'number markers' so you can skip numbers in the channellist.


    Thanks !

    Don't worry about the hickup :)
    I would already be very happy if the stream would just work with some FFmpeg tweaking.

    If you can't find what's wrong, then maybe you could share your source diffs, so someone else could take a look.

    PS :Did they give you any feedback regarding their own streaming solution ?


    Originally posted by jockyw2001
    EDIT2: I tested again with my iMac Air Video server 2.4.5-beta6 with latest patched ffmpeg and iPhone 4S iOS 5.0.1 and Air Video client 2.4.10
    LiveTV stream (ZDF) plays fine. Only after the first about 6-7 seconds there is a very short interrupt and a similar short interrupt after about 12-14 seconds. After that the stream plays perfect.

    redneck eyeball : what is your configuration?

    It's the same. But with iOS 5.1
    That hickup after 7 seconds has always been in there, at least with the windows version.
    The Mac version I've tested belongs to a friend and was setup just for testing if it worked differently Mac vs Windows.

    I've been able to get that to work only once, but yes, it's always when this buffer should be re-newed that the stream gets cut-off.
    I'm still not 100% convinced that this is something that is entirely a client problem. Since the same clients works when the server side is Mac.

    So maybe it's something that can be tweaked in FFmpeg ?

    It certainly can't hurt to ask the AirVideo devs to help fix the problem, but I don't have the impression that things are moving fast at their end. They have been realy slow in releasing new versions, so this solution that they are building with built in stream support might take another year.

    Hmm, the airvideo server running on Mac still works.
    Streaming live video to iOS 5.1 without problems.

    That would mean that the problem lies with the windows version of FFmpeg !

    So, Jockyw2001, can you have another look at your FFmpeg version for the windows platform ? That's where the problem is located, not with Airvideo or the thunbnails etc.



    Originally posted by jockyw2001
    You can expect a live TV streaming solution soon. It will be able to stream to PC, iPhones, iPads, Blackberry Playbook and Android devices. The server part will be web server, php scripts and VLC. It should be able to stream HD channels as well. The client part is just the web browser. No need for Air Video anymore when it comes to streaming live TV.

    Is there any news on this solution ? I would love to get my Dreambox channels and recordings working again.


    Originally posted by jockyw2001
    I'm working on new pipeline, the goal (apart from many other things) is to support live streams natively.

    Well ... that's a good thing.
    Once they support it natively we should no longer have problems with ffmpeg etc.

    Can't wait for them to release an update, it's now been quite a while since iOS5 was released.

    Thank you for your efforts !


    I've also tested both files.
    It does not help in Ios5, Airvideo beta6
    In both cases it stops after 4 seconds.

    Did you receive any feedback from the airvideo mods ?

    I'm a registered owner of Airvideo, I purchased the app.
    And I'm sure most people here have purchased the app, so we could all send them an e-mail.
    Maybe this just needs to get some more attention with them ?

    Installed beta7 today.

    Restult is that now nothing plays any more with your patched FFmpeg versions.

    With beta6 the recordings or normal videos would still play, it was only live video that didn't play, except for the first couple of seconds.
    With beta7 non live video doesn't play either.

    Do you have a newer FFmpeg version for us to try ?