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    Thanks for the wiki link. (on dmm you only wrote search wiki)

    Anyway i see in wiki it''s a Dbus issue, and a reboot was enough to solve it. I wonder why this issue started, never seen it before?

    What about up to data skin? I use DMconcinnity-HD-transp skin. It's from the Gemini feed, so i suppose it's uptodate.
    Or is their a concinnity skin in the gemini feed that is more uptodate?

    But licher picons are not so uptodate as ocram has. 4 example Dutch channel Ned1 HD has no picon

    So i ask again: what picon set in the Geminifeed supports 13.0E / 19.2E / 23.5E / 28.2E and is most uptodate? Can someone who maintain the feed tell me that , i mean simply look at the refresh date.
    Or where can i download HD picons for 13.0E / 19.2E / 23.5E / 28.2E and are frequently updated, and do work on Dreambox (so no symlinks like ocram picons)

    ok, exit mediastream.

    By the way, is their a way to get mediaportal (webstream function) in OE2.0 geminiplugin available?
    I don't see it in gemini pluginfeed (no plugin with name mediaportal).
    (i know mediaportal as program for windows what i used many years ago).

    Hello All.
    I read about a new internet stream tv plugin "MediaStream". (click for image)
    It's already downloadable for OE1.6 and OE2.0 based images.

    My question is, can it be added to the plugin feed, so that it will be automatically updated if nessesary.
    Here the source link of MediaStream Here original sourcelink.



    MediaStream is a collection of multimedia portals audio, video, clips, TVStreaming, radio etc.. MediaStream is pre beta version in unstable, note errors, portals situations, and any other useful information to improve the plugin.
    The plugin contains numerous adult channels, to hide the list of these channels, press the green button, enter the default code 0000 and disable viewing of adult list.
    On some portals, we have implemented the possibility to download movies and mp3 songs, files will be copied to this folder hdd / MyDownloads, the feature is experimental.
    Anyone who wants to controbuire or want to integrate their work within the MediaStream, can send the code for integration, credits will be entered into the form of the portal and added to the list of contributors


    I changed attributes to 644
    Sifteam need to update their xepgdb data. If you experience outdated or disappearing epg, then use xmltv untill sifteam updated their server. (for me benelux and sky uk rytec repacked xepgdb work fine with sifteam source.)

    Many thanks for the creator of the Mega-Cloud plugin, now i can mount the virtual gigabytes of mega to my settopbox.. ( geminimegaconz at Gemini plugins)

    I read the guide, i'll add the ocram picon feed.

    I understand from ocram that he made a mistake by using cooltvguide as renderer or something like that.

    Thanks for feedback bschaar, but i cannot find ocram in the feed menu. (would be nice if ocram plugin feed can be added to GP3.2 feed.)

    By the way, I try Picons from Gemini feed, but they're not uptodate, and most worse: they install in internal flash (root) !
    I prefer a picon directory on my compact flash (or usb thumbdrive), so that internal flash stay free of the used MB's that picons do need.

    When i see all the picon entries in the Geminiplugin 3.2 (for oe2.0) I wonder:
    What Picon entry in Picons HD (132) is the most uptodate? In other words, when a channel switch from frequency, then what picon set is the fastest updated?

    Normally i use ocram picons, very frequently updated, but i want picons from the feed so that i don't have to update manually.

    Sorry for English, but my German is not so good in writing text. (i do understand it when i read it).

    I have a question about UPC bouquets for The Netherlands.
    In The Netherlands UPC has different regions, with different channel frequencies for DVB-C.
    Technical info here (scroll down to "Netwerkcodes")
    Since a few months UPC Netherlands is sending all analog basic radio & tv channels also in DVB-C free to air on coax cable.

    So channels settings creator "De Transponder" try to create different UPC bouquets for every region in The Netherlands.
    Like: "UPC Brabant" (south of Netherlands)

    People scanned in their own region and send that channel setting to "De Transponder"
    Like: "UPC Rotterdam" and i did "UPC Amsterdam".

    Now their seems to be a issue when these bouquets are added in one enigma2 setting:
    UPC Brabant + UPC Rotterdam + UPC Amsterdam + UPC Apeldoorn.

    What happended is, that when you try to zap to a service (channel) that can be found in UPC Brabant and UPC Rotterdam (or UPC Amsterdam) (so two different UPC region bouquets) that the enigma2 tuner keep searching for the channel. It doesn't tune and show the channel.

    We think, that this has maybe to do with the fact that service name and package name are the same.
    Service (channel) name the same is logical.

    But here my question:
    Is it possible that Dreamboxedit get's a option to rename a Package?

    So that for example:
    UPC Brabant now with package name UPC NL will be renamed to UPC NL Brabant
    UPC Amsterdam now with package name UPC NL will be renamed to UPC NL Amsterdam
    UPC Rotterdam now with package name UPC NL will be renamed to UPC NL Rotterdam

    Maybe then the issue with a endless searching enigma2 tuner on DVB-C is solved.

    Here the source of the topic on opensat4all where we share this enigma2 keep searching on DVB-C issue we discovered.

    Reproducing this issue is only working if you live in one of the UPC regions that are added in the settings.
    So the two settings as example added to this post has UPC Brabant (e2_hanssettings_13e_19e_23e_28 and UPC Amsterdam (
    If you added the UPC Amsterdam settings to the other settings with UPC Brabant, then their is that enigma2 keep searching conflict.

    I informed at the manufactorer of my multiregion customized bluray/mediaplayer. Becausethe usa version has a netflix player. I have a older model the Oppo BDP-93eu. This is a reply of Oppo:


    Netflix in Netherlands use a newer version of Netflix that is not compatible with the BDP-93EU, only the new models BDP-103/105EU supports this new version used in Europe. The problem is that the European Netflix uses a new version of Netflix that are not compatible with the older US Netflix system in the BDP-93EU and therefore it is not possible now or in future because it has to do with hardware limitations.

    I assume that their are more standalone devices who have Netflix playback possibilities, that only works on the older versions of Netflix (like used in the USA).

    I think it's too much unwanted DRM & proprietary software stuff.
    So conclusion: keep using P2P & torrent, the movie industrie wants this as we see, because they don't want it legal on opensource running devices..

    Netflix is using for the "Watch now" function at the moment Microsoft Silverlight.
    Silverlight is not available on Enigma2 stb's.
    But Netflix is available on numerous of platforms where silverlight is
    not available ,so that doesn't sound like the real reason. (exaple: Oppo BluRay players, PS3)
    Netflix is gonna leave Silverlight, but they don't know when. Check their tech blog here:

    Their is a petition online about Netflix on Linux :

    Thanks for the replies.

    Issue solved.
    I activated 256MB swapfile on compact flash.
    After using crossepg (opentv for uk, xepgdb for rytec benelux), i see that their is 4.2MB free in ram, and 5.2Mb is used in swap.
    Dm8000 works ok.

    Update: I'm a dumb ass. (for today) :366:
    I forgot to activate:
    Bluepanel > setup > use extra plugins = yes

    So no issues, CrossEPG is in GP3.2 feed.