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    Originally posted by sayed_az
    i would like to now how can i update my dreambox 800HD (original) from O.E1.6 to O.E2.0

    no update possible, you need to flash box with a new image OE2.0


    Originally posted by cs_e
    have a look in our wiki

    no update without flash, is't right ?


    Originally posted by Bschaar
    why aren't you flashing the box over the webinterface? (it's the easiest way)

    1. box in STOP mode
    2. browser --> IP_box

    right ?

    solved, thank you very much :hurra:

    - Step 1 OK
    - Step 2 OK
    - Step 3 I have /media/hdd/log
    - Step 4 run script failed

    How should indicate the right path?
    thank you very much and sorry for my insistence


    dm7020HD equipped with hard disk
    IP LAN
    mounted dm600 /media/hdd

    dm600 without hard disk
    IP LAN
    mounted dm70200 /media/hdd

    it is right, how should I proceed?


    Originally posted by mfgeg
    Maybe i misunderstood you.
    Did u mount now a share on a 7020hd?

    And this from your 600pvr?

    My goal is to backup dm600, without hdd, using the hard disk of dm7020hd


    Originally posted by mfgeg
    Good ;) /path/2/your/mounted/nfs/directory

    I am not able to build .... /path/2/your/mounted/nfs/directory
    please give me an example,


    Originally posted by mfgeg
    Used that in the past on the 500+.

    So i had mounted a nfs share on my pc.
    And that was finaly the destination for the backup nfi-file.

    I had mounted a nfs share on dm7020hd
    now how do I make backup?
    I apologize for my lack of knowledge

    I fixed VSND=66 .... is right

    if grep -qs 7020 /proc/bus/dreambox ; then
    OPTIONS="--eraseblock=0x4000 -n -b"
    elif grep -qs DM600PVR /proc/bus/dreambox ; then
    OPTIONS="--eraseblock=0x4000 -n -b"
    elif grep ........
    ..................... works but I could not make backup error : not enough space


    Originally posted by kalehrl
    Flashwizzard doesn't work with OE E1 boxes (7020, 600pvr, 500plus).
    Full backup can be made using together with buildimage and mkfs.jffs2 binaries.

    Please explain in detail how you can do ....
    thank you very much