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    In /etc/init.d open rcS with an editor and search for "/var/etc/init"
    That will give you an idea when init is called during boot.

    If you are not happy with that another trick is to use your emu startup script and call your script through that

    For example if you use CCcam then edit /var/script/ like this

    The emu start up script is the last one called during the boot sequence

    This is an idea that just popped in to my head... i didnt test it but it should work just fine


    Originally posted by darius2kiwisouci
    Have you tried :

    wget -q -O - "http://root:mypassword@"$CAMD_NA


    wget -q -O - "http://root:mypassword@"$CAMD_NAME"&type=1&timeout=5"

    Yes that will work if you declare your variable like this


    A hot fudge sunday is nice.... this is a work of art ;)
    But then again its no big surprice since it is made by Nemesis
    Congrats m8
    Just a suggestion... there's a little bit to much yellow
    I think that something like this would look much better
    I am not very good with photoshop... this is the best i could come up with
    Like i said... just a suggestion

    It will install on Gemini just fine.
    There is not need for it to have a .bz2 extension.... .gz will do the job
    Just make sure you have the files in the correct subdirectories like explained above and that you have given the correct attributes

    Tested and it works.


    Create a directory in /tmp and name it for example mytargz
    Inside this directory you must create the correct subdirectories for each file...
    Lets say you want to create a tarball for newcamd... create the following subdirectories...
    Place the newcamd binary in /tmp/mytargz/var/bin and the configs in
    Dont forget to give 755 to the binary

    Then run the following commands

    cd /tmp/mytargz
    tar -cvf mytargz.tar var/
    gzip mytargz.tar

    Thats it...
    Your tarball will be created in /tmp/mytargz