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    exist similar for enigma1 image ?
    I have try to put it on usr/bin and it's no work:

    /usr/bin/unrar: 1: Syntax error: "(" unexpected
    root@dm600pvr:/etc/tuxbox/plugins# unrar e
    /usr/bin/unrar: 1: Syntax error: "(" unexpected
    root@dm600pvr:/etc/tuxbox/plugins# unrar -?
    /usr/bin/unrar: 1: Syntax error: "(" unexpected
    root@dm600pvr:/etc/tuxbox/plugins# unrar -h
    /usr/bin/unrar: 1: Syntax error: "(" unexpected
    root@dm600pvr:/etc/tuxbox/plugins# unrar x
    /usr/bin/unrar: 1: Syntax error: "(" unexpected

    I need to post my conclusion after many and many others trials:

    This plugins it's completely usless on Windows XP.

    - I have installed the 0.9.8a of videolan on my XP
    - I have associated the .avi exension with VLC
    - I have run the vlc_x86_x64 and configurated!
    - i have installed vlcfng on my dreambox 600pvr and run it

    Now all working......... but i can obtain exactly the same result if i use normal vlc 0.9.8a with the "old" vlcf1.8.0 !!!!

    * * * * * * THE SAME F******G RESULT * * * * * *

    You don't get improvements this plugins......... i have try to reproduce the same file and i can obtain same result:
    - Same Glitches
    - Same Problems with crash of VLC
    - Same Problems with sometime the streaming closing with no apparent reason


    At this point the every version of vlc_x86_x64 posted in this thread appear working only with 0.9.8a and only installed to C:\Programs File\Videolan\VLC folder.
    If you have installed VLC to another folder the vlcf_x86_x64 can't start vlc and this plugins it's completely unsless!!!

    At this point i thinks the best version working for streaming it's 0.8.6h and this unsless plugins don't working whit this version of vlc!

    Summary of my TEST:
    - AND It's a DEAD PROJECT (because i don't have obtain one! Repeat One reply or your suggestion in this two days)

    Sorry for another post.
    I have try this solution:
    Don't working because i can't set the --config=patch of vlcrc on the programs.
    I thinks i have create a batch... but the batch can not be selected.
    Make a new version..........

    With 0.9.x i can't use this --config because we need to insert = !
    The correct command it's vlc --config=PATH!!!
    This version of vlcf_x86 not support the simbol = in the config file! and vlc don't start!

    *EDIT 2a*
    This project it's all bugged and not working!!!
    I have try to use the vlc_x86_x64 from the first post!!!
    I have set another version of VLC Start on E:\ and always started the version from c:\programs files\vlc folder!!!!

    This project it's dead or not !?!?!?!

    Sorry for double post........ but i have found my solution for my "problems"

    Before i can't watch any file because i need to associate some file to VLC!!
    Yes!! I need only to associate some extension to VLC....... after this now i can watch all extension file i have associated.

    I thinks this is a little bug because i don't need to use VLC to default player on my XP.... i want to use Media Player Classic installed with K-Lite Codec Pack.

    Otherwise i have a question for you... i have try this plugins with the latest 1.1.0:
    No sound....all video glitches and after 10 second enigma goes in crash!!

    What's it's the best 0.9.x or 0.8.x version i can use whit this plugins ?!!??!

    Another question:
    It's possible to associate temporanely the extension to VLC and reassociate to another programs when i close the server ?!?!?
    Example..... if it's possible i want to set extension .avi to VLC when server it's start.... and i want' to reset .avi extension to other player when i close the server...

    I have already post in the thread of this software but nothing response!!

    I have try anything but i can't do understand how i can work on my decoder/pc this plugins:

    - I have extracted the vlcf_x86 on my pc and configurated
    - i have installed the tar.gz on my unixbox 600

    and i have configurated (thing wrong) all... but i can't found anything media on my pc!!!!
    HOW THIS WORKING ?!?!!?!

    i can't understand dutch!
    It's possible to obtain a translated version of this programs ??
    What's it's your use ? It's a new version of VLC working for make server on my pc ? OR it's only a GUI for make a better configuration ??

    It's all in dutch :( i can't understand how i can set all value.....

    I have installed VLCF_NG on My Decoder.
    I have set VLCF_x86 and i can watch all folder.... but i can't found any file!!!
    I can only watch the folder!! No file!!

    What's working this programs ?!!?!?! Ok.. i don't need any .xml file like normal VLCF but now no file watching!

    *EDIT 2a*

    I have try some solution!!! Now When i try to open D:\ i can watch the file on C:\... when i open E: same result!!!
    I always found file on my C:\!!!!

    I have try to delete and re-extract the vlcf_x86 but same result!!!
    how i can fix this !?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!!?!?

    I have post the log!!! in the log it's possibly to watch all content... but after this on decoder i can't found any file!!!
    Because !!?!!?!?!?!?!?!

    It's a dead project this or not ?!?!?!!?!

    Hi boys... for user the timer function on my dreambox i like to use WeekEPG 3.3b.
    For some reason on the list of channel i can't found one channel...... it's possible to edit the channel.xx files to add manually this file ??

    The channel in question it's RAI MOVIE on 13°.......

    Thanks in advance.

    I try to open this file but i can't understand the meaning of all numbers and strings like:

    1;899;RAI1,1450;13e ecc. ecc.

    Hi boys... when i try to send a setting set to my Decoder exist an option like:
    Setting of Autoresearch of Enigma.

    What does this mean? How working this function ??

    Another question........ i have noticed a problems with this programs:
    After i use it... some time when i close this programs i obtain a RunTime Error....... not every time.. but some time.
    Example if i open the programs and close without working on a setting no problems.
    If i work of send a setting to my decoder when i close it i obtain this runtime error.
    How i can resolve this problems ?

    mmmmmmm..... i need some info about the port usb... i think it's 2.0 but i'm not secure.

    If the usb it's 1.1 exist a solution or not ?? you can suggest two different solution if it's 1.1 or 2.0 ?

    The router/modem it's the modem from Alice ADSL... the AGPF with firm 4.4.5 and the Samba version it's 3.0.2....

    Hi boys, i have connected an External USB Hard Disk on my Router and from my XP Sp3 i can read/write in all HD without problems.
    The HD has been from this address:

    In my Unixbox 600 PVR i have try to mount this hd in my decoder... i have try:
    - With SMBFS.. i obtain failed every time
    - Same result in NFS

    With CIFS the HD it's correctly mounted with /hdd... but every registration have a bad quality and have some square pixel.
    How i can try to fix this problems ?? in the option i have set the wsize and rsize (write and read size true ?) to the default "8192"... if i set a slower range i can resolve the square pixel ??

    Thanks for every info..