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    It is not good idea to download all modules (ipk files) and install all firmware files too, because you exactly know which modules and firmwares you need for the current usb tuner. Look at your old file, or use lsmod command.
    I know, there is one big problem, you have to maintain list all needed modules for all available usb tuners, and it is not simple task for one people...

    The sat-box is not a linux PC, sometimes you don't have enough space in the flash.

    PS: Now, I have to uninstall all unnedeed v4l-* packages from my box.

    Many thanks, the python-textutils was missing! I have to manual download it from the web because in my iCVS repo's was not such package.

    >>> import httplib
    >>> hasattr(httplib, 'HTTPS')

    :) :)

    I have already installed python-misc package, of course with some openssl packages. Maybe another package is missing.

    I have no problem with above script on my desktop PC with linux.

    On which image hasattr(httplib, 'HTTPS') returns True? I would like to install it and try.


    PS: The command "import _ssl" was executed without error.

    I want to write plugin with support to connect to a server via https. I think that "DM version" of python 2.6.4 is not compiled with ssl support.

    This simple python code doesn't work:

    import urllib2

    opener = urllib2.build_opener(urllib2.HTTPCookieProcessor())"")

    and return the error urllib2.URLError: <urlopen error unknown url type: https>

    Is it possible to solve my problem?

    Many thanks.

    PS: The command hasattr(socket, 'ssl') returns True, but hasattr(httplib, 'HTTPS') returns False and that is problem :(

    Hello everybody, I have big problem with EPG search. I found that content of my EPG cache (in my DM800, GP5.1) is coded with ISO6397 (CSLink provider, Czech&Slovakia). If I want to search some strings I have to encode them from UTF-8 to ISO6937 before search, but this approach is not very good for all languages and all epg providers. I have some questions:

    1. Which ISO number is right for DVB & EPG broadcasting in Czech&Slovakia? There are three possible norms ISO639-2 (, ISO6397 and ISO6937 ( I think that correct norm is the ISO6937 but people in enigma2 team says that ISO6397 is correct.
    2. Is it possible to set (somewhere in the config) enigma2 in order to store EPG into cache always in the UTF-8 coding (for all providers) - something like auto recode from actual isoxxxx to utf8?

    Many thanks.

    I have tried ALL versions after (from to and problem with mono resists.

    Could you please somebody try on your linux "mono e2skinner2.exe"?

    Same problem with my JVC AV-29L6 100Hz CRT. Without any sound problem on the Philips DVD recorder or the Yamaha hifi amplifier. I think it is JVC sound circuits issue.

    Fortunately I have no sound problem because my connection is DM800 -> DVD recorder -> JVC TV. The DVD recorder serves as a "signal filter".


    Originally posted by s.fonsi

    In der skin.xml werden die PNG's im Ordner Nemesis.Blueline.Single gesucht. Odner muss also Nemesis.Blueline.Single heissen und nicht NemesisBluelineSingle. Dann geht es.
    Gruss fonsi

    Finally I found the main problem. Program was crashed because of these lines were missing in the top of the skin.xml:

    <output id="0">
    <resolution xres="720" yres="576" bpp="32" />

    After adding it everything goes OK.


    Originally posted by s.fonsi

    Du musst MONO installieren. Und die *.exe mit Mono öffnen. Funktioniert wunderbar.

    Thanks, after Mono installed (in linux) the e2skinner works.

    Hi Schischu,

    can you please check my attached skin with your e2skinner? The latest version can't open it :(.

    Many thanks.

    PS: Whats about the linux (java) version? I can't found a *.jar file only the *.exe. <- Now I read that java version will be not longer available :(. OK I'll switch to windows again...

    Many thanks adenin :). It works in all images (including the GP2). My many day nightmare was gone away.

    My rotor is Moteck SG2100a. Maybe this information will help other users.

    P.S.: Like in the I think that exact string is "Delay after enable voltage before motor command"

    Many thanks again.


    Original von okioki
    - It seems like the DM does not turn on correctly by moving the satellite motor to the channel I selected... it simply does not work.

    The latest iCVS (07072009) image after online update (via the DM menu) works well with this issue :).

    I have tried many latest images but only the iCVS works OK, by now. Explanation can be found here (in german).