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    yes, auto discover is well only when single client goes to single server :(
    i have two 8k, two 500HD, two 500s dreams in local network and two 500s trough vpn
    two servers and two clients doesnt work in one area

    another problem is when something goes wrong and vtuner stop to work
    then isnt enough of client only restart also box which serve must be restarted before client

    enigma2(OE1.6 experimental) doesnt start after install vtuner client
    also uninstal("opkg remove enigma2-plugin-newnigma2-vtuner") doesnt help then :(

    cause dreambox sends any signal on DVI(HDMI) as 16:9, but Philips AutoZoom works only for 4:3 sources
    have few times repoted on DMM-8k-vip bord and may times on DMM bord,
    but only what i have get is last post deletion without any comment
    autoaspectratio vs. autoresulotion

    what you meant by "and also loose 1:1 scaling"?
    i hate flat faces mode, but when picture presents black bars top and bottom then bettter they are zoomed out, but without aspect ratio damage
    and Philips can do that automaticly with detecting how big are blackbars(but only for 4:3 signals)

    the point is, dreambox can send right picture mode on HDMI but without sound and with only one resolution 576i

    but if you mean when chosed Pillarbox mode on HDMI then scaling is 1:1 you are wrong!
    look at mode 576i, outgoing picture on HDMI has 720x576 pixels which are made from downscaled received picture to 560x576 + two blackbars 80x576 at bouth side
    what means original picture is downscaled with around 20% pixel lose

    > because to send 16:9 over 4:3 is a really crap method of broadcasting
    i totaly agree, but in time some countries testing 3D some havent estabiled ED(Extended Definition) 16:9

    Pic1 - 4:3 on HDMI is sent as 16:9(compare Infobar size with Pic2)
    Pic2 - same HDMI connection but videomode changed on Dream to SCART, 4:3 is sent as 4:3(but also 16:9 will be sent as 4:3)

    Pic3 - few seconds of waiting (any key touched) Philips zoms blackbars out by self


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    your tv must have AutoZoom option(as i remember my naibhors 42pfl7623d has)
    try how it works on SCART and how not on HDMI
    Autoformat has two modes, Autofill and Autozoom, i prefere last

    with connection trough scart you dont have to change anything manualy on each channel change
    cause TV knows when what signal comes(8pin on scart says 16:9 or 4:3), but on HDMI any signal is 16:9

    plasmas users cant understand cause they are fat world fans :)

    i own LCD, Philips LCD 42pfl9703h, which has AutoZoom feature
    it detects atomaticly blackbars and zooms picture that big till blackbars are out of the screen
    but this briliant feature works only for 4:3 sources

    without 4:3 on Dreambox HDMI have to change manualy or see blackbars from all 4 sides

    there my version

    (chmod 755)

    does vi shows twice or its in double ?!

    what name has /usr/bin/vtunerd??? binary?
    when exact vtunerd then comment out paraneter `#lnOF=`
    have you changed parameter `OPTIONS="? ? ? ? ?"` for your situation in the
    and what you have when start from telnet console
    /usr/bin/ stop
    /usr/bin/ start &

    can you show your /usr/bin/, does it got necesary updates after reboot box?

    @all who use vTuner on E2
    did next modifications in scripts
    first /etc/rc3.d/S00vTunerPrepare adds to /usr/bin/ startup lines
    depends on which script presented under /usr/bin/, or

    second use on serverbox
    third use on clientbox

    (chmod 755)



    did some scripting

    first script make necesary changes in /usr/bin/
    second starts/stops vTunerD

    (chmod 755)