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    Dear Licher

    Thanks alot for your fantasic Picons.
    Your stuff are best among all others.

    I have 2 questions:

    1. What is the difference between Channel Reference Picons vs STANDARD Channel Reference Picons?
    2. For a complete selection which one do you recommend us to download for using in our HD Dreamboxes?

    I also have some request.

    Can you please do us a favor by making picons for some other positions? Like 25.5E and 26.0E? or Even 62.E?
    If that is not possible for you, would you please accept some 20 or so raw channel logos from me and make picons out of them in your own stylish method ?

    Cheers ;)

    Will you explain to me please what to do after copying the necessary drivers to DM800?

    I did the above then opened a telnet session and entered the dreambox, then I typed the first line and after pressing ENTER, a bunch of algorithm type of strings filled my telnet window! and it didn't return to the command prompt line to be ready for the next command!

    After that I closed the telnet window and connected PS3's USB PlayTV Dual HD DVB-T and Hard Rebooted my DM800, but when I went to Tuner section, no 2nd Terrestrial tuner was found!

    I could easily use my DVB-T on Dream Elite BH, so If you do me a favor by explaining how to type the commands step by step, I can run it on Gemini 5.1 as well.


    From O.E 1.6 on, my eSATA Hard disk (WD My Book) could not be recognized in any O.E 1.6 based image like Gemini e2 v5.00 for DM800 HD!

    After releasing v5.1, let me know if eSATA HDDs are supported in Gemini please, Thanks!


    I have installed this recent image on DM800 HD PVR.
    Unfortunately while I was installing some programs from "Manage Extension" section, and without my notice, the box crashed showing green screens and "No Space Left" in the last lines!

    When dreambox rebooted as a result, I saw all schedules in my "Timers" section had gone and deleted!!!! I'd spent more than 3 hours on Timers section before and now all are GONE!

    My questions:

    1. How can I have my full of schedules Timer again?

    2. How can I have more capacity on this very limited 64 MBs memory? Does multibooting mean I can install this image on a USB stick with 1 GBs space for instance and have lots of free space to install different software? Does MultiBooting solve this low space problem of mine? Or even with multiboot I still would face such unwanted crashes?

    3. Now that I go to Manage Extention to uninstall what made my memory full, I see all the applications' icons are dead meaning NO software is installed while I know most of them are and that's why my memory is full. I mean how I can now free up some space because everywhere I go the box crashes!

    Please Help me, I'm in serious S.O.S situation now!


    Please someone help me about the previous post, I'm not able to install the v5.00 for weeks and no one has given me any solutions:

    My eSATA HDD works fine with Gemini 4.7 e2 for DM800 HD PVR, but when I install the 5.00 version, as long as this eSATA HDD is connected to the box, dream cannot boot and even when I hot plug it while Gemini 5.0 is up, the box hangs and I need to unplug the HDD and restart the dreambox without eSATA HDD connected.

    What can I do? Gemini 4.7 has many bugs and I'm fed up with it and on the other hand I cannot have Gemini 5.00 on it since it has serious problems with eSATA.

    4.7 is not even able to use my eSATA HDD as an USB device since it cannot recognize it as a writable storage device even if the recording paths are already given!

    Please HELP me.


    I use Enigma 2 on DM800 HD PVR and I have numerous problems with the clock.

    While dreambox is showing famous channels of satellite packages, like SKY DE channels or the ones with accurate EPG informations like Suisse SRG, the clock of the receiver is based on what time zone I've selected in system settings and as a result is accurate.

    But as soon as I switch to watch a normal satellite channel and by normal I mean the ones which do not have EPG and are not included in a famous package, like channels from africa or south asia and so on and so forth, as soon as I switch to some of these channels the clock of the receiver changes to a weird time zone which most of the times are ruining my previously added shedules to timers section.

    And what is catastrophic is that, most of the times I'm not aware of this clock change and therefore when I go to sleep at nights, none of my desired programs are recorded on time and this is bothering me for 2 years now!

    German guys who are using the best channels of Astra might not have ever faced with such a problem but people like me have always this problem and now that programming for these linux based receivers are possible please do sth for it.

    Now this might be a nice algorithm:

    First disable the clock set by satellite channels and see if internet connection is available.
    2. detect what time zone which the user has selected
    3. use the first web address included in the config file like "" and if you couldn't get the time due to time out use the next time server and so on.
    4. continue using this procedure every 30 mins or so.
    5. as soon as at a time you could not access internet to update the clock, use the last updated clock and keep checking the internet availibility for the next update.

    My dear friends, this is an ideal plugin for me and I do appreciate it if you knowledgeable guys give it a try and make my dream come true!


    Hi there,

    I have a WD My Book 1TB eSATA hard drive for DM800HD PVR. On my previous image; Gemini 4.7, everything with HDD was fine. But when I upgraded the image to Gemini 5 OE1.6, dreambox cannot boot up and locks on early stage of DHCP!

    Although I have connected the USB cable of my WD My Book 1TB eSATA HDD to dreambox and have set the mount points in recording path to "/media/wd-mybook/movie" but I can't record from any channels! When I press the "Video" button on remote control, none of the previously recorded programs are listed in the pane!

    Problems are not one in 5.0..
    1. No eSATA HDD is working!
    2. No HDD via USB is mountable for recording!
    3. TUNE FAILED on v5.0 still persists to be a real Gemini Built-in problem! and has no plan to seperate from this image!

    So please help me use my HDD with any of eSATA or USB connections on DM800HD PVR! Now that eSATA is blocked in v5.0 why even normal USB HDDs or any other USB storage disk has so many problems for being mounted?!



    I'm using Gemini 4.70 on DM800HD. I appreciate it if I could see the EPG for days ahead on the channels to make it alot easier to add Timers. I am wondering why only the current playing program and following program is shown in the EPG. To me this seems very useless really... Some European Providers on Hotbird or Asta like canalsat france and sky italia only show the current and next program information in EPG.

    Please help me through a tutorial to get up to date EPG data from external websites along with the needed changes to be made in DM800HD Gemini 4.70 image.

    Thank you.

    116 crashlogs within 3 month or so.
    Mostly incompatibility with timers section.
    Meaning that after restarting, an error message pops
    up saying timer.xml could not be loaded. and all
    my timers (more than 50 schedules) are gone

    Specially when Custom backup (only timer.xml)
    from Gemini 4.30 is loaded in 4.40, crashes increase.
    In other words incompatibility with previous backups.

    Sometimes when HDD is full and it comes the time
    for a new recording, instead of only displaying "HDD FULL"
    dream crashes.

    Sometimes incompatibility with USB HDDs which are
    fully supported like Maxtor OneTouch 250 GBs (even
    power cable is connected to PC's USB port to avoid
    excessive pressure on DM800) causes crash. Meaning that
    despite enabling all kerner modules recording on
    these HDDs stops after a random period of time
    and no longer access is possible eventhough power saving is off in DM800.

    Playing videos not included in recording folder are prone to
    cause crash when seeking is being done in them meaing that
    video files (even standard .ts) in other folders are treated differently.

    After Daylight saving came to its end in our country, ALL
    of timers had insanity errors and dream could not handle
    this recent 1 hour shiftback due to end of daylight saving.

    When a scheduled recording is about to begin and before that
    red button (record) is accidentally pressed without warning about
    the incoming schedule instant recording is started but dream crashes
    without any notice.
    Sometimes instant recording with RED button never starts evenlthough
    timer section is empty.

    And sometimes watching recorded videos
    and specially when we navigate and forward
    or backward while DM800 is recording, causes crash.

    Another thing
    When DM800 comes out of standby via pressing the power
    button on remote or dream itself, two turning gears appear
    infront of a black screen eventhough the channel is FTA
    and this annoying gears keep being there for more than 90
    seconds or so.
    When I transfer files using a FTP program like CuteFTP from DM800
    eventhough this movement is done 3 hours ago for instance and the program is
    closed after that and dream has been on standby for all these hours
    the frequency of these gears rolling, increases.

    Good Luck!

    The same problem with me. Changing channels is so buggy in DM800.
    We have to wait for 5 or 4 seconds before changing the current channel or it displays TUNE FAILED and no channel is available until the box is restarted.

    Pressing the channel change button in less than 3 seconds causes a kind of hang in zapping.

    Please consider this as a bad misfortune.

    Hi Mates,

    Formerly I was able to see DM800 HD among other PCs in my NETWORK section of Windows or Linux Ubuntu. My DM800 HD and all other PCs were in the same range of IP while all of them where DHCP enabled. I was able to browse the system files plus the contains of DM800 HD's internal HDD. I was easily abled to play video files without downloding them first, (as it is a MUST in FTP mode). Without any root or dreambox username and password I had my DM800 HD beside all other PCs in Network section.

    But after upgrading to GP2 v4.2 I am not able to do this and DM800 is not accessible through NORMAL network browsing. I have to use Windows or Linux FTP applications or I have to use 3rd party programes such as FileZilla etc.

    Web Interface (WebIF) as an alternative is also badly slow and as I said nothing can take the place of Normal Browsing capability that was available before this release.

    I wonder why this has happened and how I am able to get things as they were before. I want to watch my DM800 recordings through Network without FTPing them that takes ages to download to my PC.

    I use a DHCP enabled Router with 4 LAN ports on it. Three Computers and One DM800
    The IP range is:
    In Windows I use MSHOME as the WorkGroup
    In Linux no WorkGroup is set since it's not necessary.

    Any help is gr8ly appreciated.

    Prior to this 4.2 release I used to have 4.1 on my DM800 HD and the timer part was OK, although it had tens of bugs inside.

    But things about RECORDING in 4.20 is getting worse and right now although I have installed the secondary patch online to improve the timers part and even did change that parameter in that specified file to correct the recording process, unfortunately after a day or two the same problem has come back.

    When the timer starts a recording schedule, the dream crashes and after 4 minutes which results in a terrible break between my favorite shows, it comes up and resumes recording.

    I thought with editing that particular file and installing the ipkg file from Online Gemini server recording problems would solve, but It seems I have been in a bad bad mistake.

    Dear Gemini Xperts, where are you now? Don't you need those crash logs? When I send them to dream multimedia they say we don't answer crash logs created with Gemini. What's the remedy now?


    Since you're German I think you've not understood my problem yet. I do not have problem with how to record. If I've understood your German well I have to say that MY problem is that the new Gemini does not read the file (timers.xml) which I upload to etc/enigma2. Dream always read its OWN BLANK timer.xml file from an unknown memory!!!

    Although I don't know German and although I was sure that this TIMER problem has had NOTHING to do with the SKIN type!!!!!, etc but I DID what you said. I delete the blank TIMERS.XML first and then I upload the old TIMERS.XML file (from my previous Gemini 4.10) to DM800 HD

    These are not solutions for my problem.
    Other things are involved in this. I'm sure more expert Linux people can help me.

    Why Even When I delete the blank timers.xml and copy my old timers.xml back to DM800, dream does not detect it at ALL and reads the DELETED BLANK one instead?

    Please Help me


    P.S: You don't need to ask me test the solution. I have attached the timers.xml to the previous post of mine. Download it and use it with your Dream. If you were successful then do me a favor by reporting the success. Please read my previous post VERY carefully.

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    have just flashed my DM800 HD with the new Gemini 4.20 image. Before this, in order to preserve the TIMERs section and the scheduled recordings I already had on GP 4.10, I copied the "timers.xml" file from "etc/enigma2" to my pc.

    After flashing my DM800 HD with the new Image, I scanned exactly all the channels and satellites which I had on GP 4.10 then I copied "timers.xml" back to the same directory.

    I went to timer section to verify the content of scheduled recordings, but unfortunately NONE of more than 60 timers I had already created were NOT availavble there, and the list was completely BLANK!!!! I even restarted/deep standbye the box, but NO Results.

    I got terribly mad at this, since these schedules mean everything to me and if I'd known that this would happen accordingly, I'd never ever installed the new 4.20 image.

    Please help me find the solution to make this file working with the new image. It's easy for those who know linux programming, this I'm sure. So please assist me to solve this strange mystery.


    P.S: I've attached the poor timers.xml file. Please use it as I say and you'll belive my claim.


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