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    Originally posted by Homey[GER]
    You are using latest PTS version (RC25) ?

    Also try to uninstall CCcamInfo one time to see if it makes any difference ...

    with older PTS Versions CCCam plugin caused this problem, but it got fixed with RC25 like you can see in the changelog ...

    removed CCcamInfo 1.3c and then installed

    all works properly.

    BUT how do I get info about CCcam now?


    Originally posted by oldfart101
    Hi Homey - I might have missed this in the thread
    With the plugin installed, when the OK button is pressed, the bottom info bar does not appear.
    I have to uninstall the plugin fot he bar to come back.


    Originally posted by Homey[GER]
    This is usually caused by another plugin which is messing around in the infobar, like cccam-info, 2nd infobar or whatever or an too old GP3 version ...

    Some details would be nice which plugins you have installed on your box ...

    GP3 - no
    CCcamInfo 1.3c
    Genuine Dreambox
    Merlin iDream
    Merlin Music Player

    running OoZooN 3.n stable
    Skin = BrushedAlu-HD

    same issue on the 8000 & 500HD - both same plugins,skin
    wierd - it works fine with the plugin not installed

    USB key - problem
    I have just put a 16GB USB drive in the top rear slot - how do I install it?

    fdisk :-

    root@dm8000:~# fdisk -l

    try to mount:-

    root@dm8000:~# mount /dev/sdf1 /media/usb
    mount: mounting /dev/sdf1 on /media/usb failed: Invalid argument



    root@dm8000:/# umount /media/usb
    umount: can't umount /media/usb: Invalid argument

    also, the CF won't work now .. did before - take out the USB and the CF works ...
    help please

    I have the following script,
    it should get the current channel
    change to another one for 3 seconds
    then go back to the first

    wget still outputs to the command line - even with -q

    the script does not go back to the first channel.

    CURCHANNEL= wget -q -O - http://localhost/web/subservices|grep "e2servicereference"|cut -d">" -f2|cut -d"<" -f1
    #echo "Channel = "
    #echo $CURCHANNEL
    #zap to 13E sky sports
    wget -q -O - http://localhost/web/zap?sRef=1:0:19:2B10:1900:FBFF:820000:0:0:0:
    sleep 3
    new= wget -q -O - http://localhost/web/zap?sRef=$CURCHANNEL
    #echo "New = "
    #echo $new

    Thanks OoZooN

    followed all your work - tun was not here after 'depmod -a'
    but after 'modprobe' it was!!

    Thanks OoZooN for the reply
    That did not work, output of lsmod below:-