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    Hi M8`s

    I want to edit the autoexec.bat ( /boot ) in my 800.
    But i cant remove / replace the autoexec fil with the one that i have modified.
    How to do that or what do i do wrong?

    You can answer back in german. i can read it, but not good in writting it :-)

    Kindly regards.

    Hi M8`s

    I have tried to understand German as good as possible and also sorry if this question have been asked.

    I really love this skin, but one thing will make me more happy (special the wife)

    Thought about if it was possible to change the background so it not was so transparent.

    The wife cant focus on the epg when “things running” around behind the text, when she is reading it? ;)

    If its possible to do in the xml file, please tell me where.

    And sorry again if this question have been asked.

    Have a nice day and thank you for a good work on the skin.


    Going back to 3.60.

    I have test it on DM500S and DM7020 machine and it seems to be slower than 3.60 and has crash my machine few times.

    When I'm scrolling in the channel list especially from one satellite to another there it is very slow.

    Sorry to say but i hope there will be a ver. 4.10 soon.


    Hi M8`s

    I got some providers that i dont know where to find.
    Im talking about - 0500:022200 and some more ;-)

    Can some of you tell me where to find a list with all providers ?? seca, via, conax a.s.o !!

    Kindly Regards

    Hi Mr.Bunny

    Hope you could help me with a little problem that i got :D

    As you can see on the picture, i will be happy if i could get AGC and EMU on it.
    So i hope you could give me the commands that handle AGC and show EMU.
    I will put them in the right position, you dont have to do it :D ;) :D ;)

    I dont know if you need it, but im using gemini 2.10 on flash.


    I try it again but in colour instead :) :)

    I want to switch "blue" to where "yellow" are and "yellow" to "blue"

    So i got me epg,sub,Q-but,blue panel and emus right under my "ch, ch-name, snr and clock"

    Hope u understand.

    btw. its very funny to work with skins, hopefully i will be good as you are one day :):)



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    """There are some colour fail where i have put in the red marks.
    Where and how can i correct it"""" <- FOUND THE FAIL

    And also, as you can see i have made a "A","B" and "C"
    I would also change it, so i in the top have "A" then "C" and at last "B"

    Could you tell me where the line are in the *.esml



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    Thanks for your answer Mr.Bunny

    But how does the coordinator looks like ??
    <eZapMain position="0:90" size="720:471">

    Is "0" down left and "90" ???

    Could you please, help me to get started ??

    So i can see the idea :D



    I got a couple of question.

    Can i move the "info" from the button to the top, and where in the *.esml fil. (think its ezapmain !!)
    And where to made the letters smaller ??

    You can answer back in german, i can read but not write it :D :D

    And thank you all you M8`s that have done such a good work on all those skins.

    Kindly regards