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    It is really sad you always try to make me appear differently as what I am:

    - I'm a Dream Multimedia customer: I own 4 different original DMM boxes
    - I was a Oozoon image user (... probably a donor under another nickname ... who knows?)
    - I've anyway helped you finding out a severe bug which you will solve with next version
    - I don't speak for anybody: just for me ...

    sad, really sad ...


    Originally posted by gutemine
    And your scenario works also nicely if you place Dumbos bootlogo.jpg in the FAT partition - so it is NOT a serious bug either.

    not in my opinion:
    why should I do any system configuration just because of your 'dubious' init?


    Originally posted by gutemine
    Now with this suddenly increased interrest to test...

    don't count me:
    I've switched all my boxes to iCVS.

    for the record:
    just original DMM machines here

    !pls ban me!


    Originally posted by gutemine
    ... und das plötzliche Interesse mancher Leute wie das initramfs funktioniert und was es eigentlich tut, ob man den sourcecode haben kann, etc.

    as I said you before I just own original machines: if you want you can come and visit me, so you can check yourself.

    It is really sad if you use these arguments to avoid talking about it.

    Don't forget you are using stuff, code and experience from great communities (linux, openembedded, opendreambox, etc.):
    believe me, writing a bunch of scripts is really a small thing compared to what these communities did.

    The reason why I asked what the init is doing is that as soon it was implemented in the oozoon images I was not able to boot from usb anymore:
    the init seems to just allow booting from usb when your bootlogo.jpg is present.

    How I'm booting from usb?

    Just the way you do, but I do the setup manually or with a small script:
    - a boot and a root partition
    - a modified fstab
    - a autoexec_xxxx.bat
    - bios configuration

    Please, don't forget this scenario among your test-cases!

    You said your init is used only to find out the device name (task which I believe could be easily achieved):
    unfortunately it also interferes with the 'normal' usb boot by doing checks and other things we do not know ... so troubles are very hard to debug.

    Again, I'm not against using an initramfs (I've used it myself sometimes to solve many boot problems),
    but I'm against solutions which aren't really widely tested and cannot be easily debugged.

    if I was an image builder, or somebody from the opendreambox community,
    I would think twice before using this binary and probably look for an easier and 'open' alternative.

    !pls ban me!

    The init in your initramfs is a binary:

    > ...
    > Jumpin'Jack Flash initramfs by gutemine
    > Couldnt get kernel name!
    > ...
    > Jumpin device %s with label %s ...
    > Jumpin device %s ...
    > /root/bootlogo.jpg
    > bootlogo failed !
    > bootlogo OK !
    > ...

    what is this binary doing?

    in order to boot from usb (with label mount enabled) you just need to pass the right kernel parameter in the autoexec.bat ...

    I'm not against innovations, but I'm perplexed when I see a solution which only works with its own bootlogo ...
    ... and a bootlogo which requires a donation ...

    what would be the next: should we pay to boot your images?


    Originally posted by gutemine
    PS: If the people in Lybia would think this way they would now watch the celebrations of Gadaffis 42. revoutionary year in TV.

    Then you should be enough democratic to
    - allow your 'magic' to be disabled
    - accept critics

    I wonder why oozoon allowed your changes into his kernel-image ...
    ... probably we should post our complaints in his own threads ...


    Originally posted by gutemine
    So you are again complaining instead of trying to help :-)

    I don't want to use your plugin: so I won't test it.
    I'm able to configure my box myself to boot from usb.


    Originally posted by gutemine
    But you prefere to complain ...

    I complain because your initramfs messes up with the normal boot process ...

    I don't want to test your plugins and your initramfs: this is your task!

    I just want to be able to boot and use the oozoon image as I did before.

    If this will be not anymore possible with the images from oozoon then we are plenty of other images here ...


    Originally posted by gutemine
    fragt halt ob ihr das initramfs auch im iCVS fix verbaut haben könnt

    Oh no, please not.
    I own just original DM machines but your initramfs is the reason why I switched from oozoon to the iCVS image:
    booting from a usb device (without using your plugin -> yes we can ;) ) is not anymore possible and I only keep getting the infamous 'bootlogo failed !' error ...

    It seems your initramfs just allows booting from usb with your bootlogo.jpg ...

    It would be better if oozoon would continue provide the nomal kernel-image package as default, and an alternative one with your initramfs on request ...


    Originally posted by gutemine
    So you would not need to do it with a FRESH/VIRGIN Image - if you had a backup.
    Hence it is always adviceable to do a backup BEFORE doing software upgrades.

    ... bitte kein Salz mehr in meine offene Wunde ;)

    thx a lot for your help!


    Originally posted by gutemine
    please start reading your logfiles :-)
    It says that he tries to recover something in the root filesystem, so there must be a problem.

    Do you mean the following message?
    > EXT3-fs: recovery complete.

    this is pretty normal after a unclean shutdown: the log level is KERN_INFO (no error or warning) and no other kernel messages indicate corruption ... nothing the system could not handle alone...

    BTW, I've fsck-ed the device manually on another machine before posting about the problem...


    Originally posted by gutemine
    I woould enable the kernel copy an labelmount options and either copy Flash or unpack the latest OoZooN Image to make it work again.

    I wished not to reinstall and perform all my custom configuration again ... sigh

    mmh, no luck with the other usb device:


    Originally posted by gutemine
    Enable kernel copy and label mount in the Dumbo settings on blue when you are booted from Flash and then do the bootlogo fix again and check if autoexec_dm*.bat now contains root=LABEL=DUMBO

    yes! this seems to help:

    Jumpin device /dev/sdb2 with label DUMBO ...
    bootlogo OK !
    Jumpin /dev/sdb2 ...

    I was able to boot from the dumbo device on my test drive: I'll see if I can recover my 'productive' one now using the same method ...

    Just another question:
    what does the 'copy kernel' option do?
    copy the flash kernel image to the dumbo boot partition?
    if yes, when is the copy done? is it done just once or at each boot?


    Originally posted by gutemine
    Initramfs kernel has a new kernel image number, and yes such an kernel should be also in Flash.

    in flash there's the same image with all the updates


    Originally posted by gutemine
    If the bootlogo fix isn't fixing the problem (which it should as I just tested it) you could only try to manually copy the dumbo,jpg from /tmp/Dumbo/bin to the FAT of your Dumbo device as bootlogo.jpg (but the fix simply does the same).

    it looks like the same file ...

    root@dm800se:~# diff /usr/lib/enigma2/python/Plugins/Extensions/Dumbo/bin/dumbo.jpg /tmp/dumbo/boot/bootlogo.jpg

    Originally posted by gutemine
    Because the latest OoZooN Image for the 800se ist this one:

    got the latest from ... which seems outdated now ...
    I had installed a even older image which I updated regularly without any problems ... up until yesterday ...


    Originally posted by gutemine
    And this already includes the initramfs Kernel, which means you could enable kernel copy and label mouting in the Dumbo Plugins settings on Blue if you put it in Flash too.

    strange that updates worked without any troubles until these appeared:
    0imageupdate - 20110810-r0
    kernel - 2.6.18-r12.0.1
    kernel-base - 2.6.18-r12.0.1
    kernel-image - 2.6.18-r12.0.1

    So, the only solution would be re-installing a newer image?

    > Guess why there is a bootlogo fix available in Dumbo Plugin when you boot from Flash and press yellow ?
    I've already tried that twice: does not seem to help here :(

    After having installed the last oozoon updates (on the dumbo image), booting from the dumbo device does not seem anymore possible on my dm800se.

    It seems also reproducible when installing on a newly formatted disk:
    1. flash last dm800se oozoon image (OoZooN-Image-dm800se-20110424.nfi) with dumbo
    boot is possible from the dumbo device
    2. opkg update + upgrade and reboot
    the system boots the flash image although it seems to correctly use the boot files on the FAT partition ...

    Any help would be highly appreciated :)