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    Hello !
    I am VERY interested to buy one OR more from you.
    You have solved a problem with your nice platina/software.

    Best Regards

    Finally ! Received my display today ! Pro packed in a box. Thanks buck !
    Greetings from Norwegen.

    Sorry, could you please post some pictures of your displays @Digsat today ?
    You could use my installation-thread of the display. Would be cool to see how you have configured them, and this could be usefull information to other members of @digsat. Since you are a moderator of this Scandinavian forum, you must have some "tricks and tips" ,regarding the display ? Looking forward to see your pictures and thoughts about this project .


    Hi yoker77
    Yes, the "time" to do all this, is a problem ;) Your TripleDragonDream was very nice :cool2: My new mod. is the most difficult one for me.... hope that I can realize it. Maybe we could discuss power supplies later by P.M ?

    Best Regards
    Dm 800XX alias "Ine"

    I must say, a very nice mod. of the DM800 :335:
    I am also a modding guy, who loves to modfiy Sat. receivers.
    Here is my mod of a DM800: DM800 Extreme Black Diamond
    Here is my ongoing project of modding a sat. receiver:…page=Thread&threadID=1911
    This is not a DMM, but I hope that the moderators can see this "through their fingers" ? If NOT, than I am sorry ;)
    Maybe we could share some experiences about modding receivers ?
    You can answer in Deutch, no problems ;)

    Best Regards

    It is possible to buy this cabinet. I contacted Aumro (Xiamen) Electronics Co., Limited in China. They can sell to "End users". But this comes not cheap ! Here are their prices:
    TF5: EUR130/PC

    Shippment:If you expect only one TF5, the shipping freight is EUR128. The charging weight for 1 PC TF5 is 13.5KGS. i.e. EUR128/PC in shipping rate.

    If you expect 2 pcs TF5, the shipping freight is is EUR168. The charging weight for 2 PCS TF5 is 27KGS. i.e. EUR 84/PC in shipping rate.

    If you expect 3 pcs TF5, the shipping freight is is EUR252. The charging weight for 3 PCS TF5 is 40.5KGS. i.e. EUR 84/PC in shipping rate.

    If you expect 4 pcs TF5, the shipping freight is is EUR312. The charging weight for 4 PCS TF5 is 54KGS. i.e. EUR 78/PC in shipping rate.
    Please note that the carrier company charge a rate for less than 20KG, a better rate for 20-50KG and the best rate for more than 50KGS.

    In this case, it would be good to order more than one piece for more economic in shipping rate.

    So, this not a cheap cabinet at the moment. If you want to buy,
    Send an e-mail to:

    Jackie Chen/ Sales Manager
    Aumro (Xiamen) Electronics Co., Limited
    Dir. Tel: +86-595-28861880
    Skype: cannonchen007


    Original von sundtek

    we did not expect any change for you, however you can ship the device back.
    It might be interesting to know if the new devices have a better behaviour with this unusual symbolrate. In Germany we usually have 6900 or 6850 KSym, and tuning until MPEG is available usually takes 500-700 milliseconds.

    Good ! I have done a little research, and it seems that Canal Digital is using this symb.rate (6950 KSym) for all Scandinavian countries (No., Se., Dk., Fi.).
    I will return my C/T tuner togheter with my Sundtek SkyTV Ultimate tuner, when I have received my replacement Ultimate S/S2 tuner.

    Best Regards


    Original von mikica

    And that means ?
    Hope you receive Nothing,Nichts,Nada,Nulla,Niets,Nic,Ni,Semmi

    Have some RESPECT for the modders ! Without them you would have ?
    @ Buck: Keep up the good work !
    Best Regards from a dreambox modder.

    Updated with the new DMM driver and todays Sundtek driver. The switching time between channels is the same (see result). Can I now return my tuner for an exchange for rev. 2 ?

    Hi, bought mine from h##p://, but they don´t sell them anymore (think I bought the last one). Don´t think there is a distributor for Europe at the moment. The cabinet can be found under different brand names:
    KARMA T5
    AUMRO T5
    To get hold of one, I think you have to order it direct from China, were it is produced.

    Best Regards
    DM800XX aka Ine


    Original von Sharky444
    Kritik ist ok, Versandspam hat in einem Technikforum nichts zu suchen, schon gar nicht mit Beleidigungen.

    Sorry,that I have to say this in English ;)
    This is what Sundtek wrote to me in a private e-mail:
    "The reason why we are not so much active in the IHAD forum at this time is simply that we are too busy for this at this time - we shall be back at early next week with some direct customer support again and also be able to sort out issues which Dream Multimedia is facing.

    Dreambox support itself works with the existing dongles to a certain degree, but it needs work from both sides DMM and us to complete this project."
    So, cool it, I´m sure that Sundtek will deliver !

    hey habe was für dich alles bei mit beschreibung .


    DM800 Extreme Black Diamond

    EDIT: links should now work, sorry.

    viel spass :310:

    80 € is NOT expensive for the display, I will order one, as soon as it is ready. Respekt fur diese Arbeit.

    Best Regards
    "ine" aka DM800XX