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    Seit einigen Monate habe ich an der DM8000 keine Lippen-Synchronität nach der Rückkehr in die laufende TV-Sendung von z.B. der Wiedergabe einer Aufnahme, der Timeshift-Wiedergabe, einer MyTube-Wiedergabe oder aus dem Radio-Modus. Der Ton eilt dem Bild einige zehntel Sekunden voraus. Nach anschließendem Wechsel in den Timeshift-Modus oder durch Zappen ist die Lippen- Synchronität wieder hergestellt.

    Auf meiner Box ist das aktuellste Experimental-Image von DMM drauf. Das AudioSync-Plugin habe ich nicht installiert.

    Ist dieser Fehler bereits bekannt oder stehe ich damit alleine dar?

    Viele Grüße

    I always loved the Elgato-HD skin but thought the info on the infobar was lacking. So i made a couple of modifications to it:

    Added (see screenshot):

    -Orbital position
    -Tuner indicator
    -Channel resolution.

    The skin is tested on DM800 & 8000 @ Openpli, but others should be no problem.

    Unpack the zip and place the folder in /usr/share/enigma2/
    Then you can activate it by the normal way (menu>settings>system>skin).

    Have fun and thnx to Kerni for the original skin. ;)


    Hi. I have used this plugin for the first time this evening and i noticed some strange behaviour. When i was watching a timeshift (~60 minutes back in time), it suddenly went forward ~20 minutes or so. And I couldn't rewind to the point i was watching.
    What happened here?

    I grabbed the latest rc10 version and the image i use is OpenPli.

    Ps you can reply in German. ;)

    I use this skin with Open-Pli and love it, by far the nicest HD skin. However, in the info-bar i miss the following info:

    -Resolution (for example 1920x1080i or 1280x720p)
    -satellite position (19,2e 23,5e etcetera)
    -signal quality in %
    -ecm info

    I hope to see this in a future update, it would make this skin perfect. :)

    Many HomeCinema receivers have the option to use it as a scaler with 1080p/50 output.

    Could the autoresolution plugin on the Dreambox theoretically do the same if the option was there?

    Why isn't the option there?

    I totally agree with the topicstarter. In comparison with other HD receivers,
    the 8000 produces one of the cleanest (artifact free) images, but
    at the cost of some lost in fine detail. Indeed as if there is some
    filtering going on.

    I removed the Diseqc switch and connected one LNB directly to tuner A:

    kein "tunen fehlgeschlagen" meldungen mehr! Image instantly.

    So tuner A has a problem with my Diseqc switch, while tuner B works fine with the switch.
    Does this mean tuner A is indeed broke or are there other options?

    Is this a known problem or is tuner A defect?

    When i switch the receiver on, i often get the message "tunen fehlgeschlagen". After 20 seconds or so, i do get picture.
    When i switch to another satellite, the same happens: "tunen fehlgeschlagen".

    If i only use tuner B everythings fine. It happens only with tuner A.

    Must i bring the DM8000 back or is this a firmware bug?

    (i have tried various images but the problem always stays)

    I've recently compared the SD image quality of the 8000 with some other HDTV receivers. The 8000 is very good in smoothing out/cleaning out the SD picture: low noise, hardly any aliasing, etcetera.

    BUT, this smoothness is at the cost of some sharpness. Some receivers have a slightly sharper SD picture.

    Now my question: besides the autoresolution plug-in, do image writers
    have influence on the picture quality? Are they able to give the user
    the choice of havin a less smooth but sharper image?
    This would be awesome. :)