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    Hi, I tried writing this in german but it was too terrible, sorry.

    I have noticed my box connecting to many times, like 50 times every day.
    This is caused by the built-in weather plugin in gp, even if you never use it and there is no way to turn it off. It's not activated in a sensorfield either.
    So all dreamboxes with gp are always fetching data from openweathermap in the background, day in day out. Using the weatherplugin or not.
    This doesn't cause any real problem, apart from unnecessary load for openweather. There must be quite some dreamboxes with gp, I guess.

    Not using the weather plugin I don't want my box to connect to 50 times a day, why should it ? but I can't remove or disable it. So I added to my hosts file to resolve to, as a "dirty" solution.
    Assume 100 people not using the weatherplugin, already makes +- 5000 useless connections to openweathermap every day !

    So here is my request: add "enable/disable" to the plugin, disable by default. Users using it will use the menu anyway, users who are not aware or not using it will not make useless connections.

    Thank you !

    I can give you complete e2 log but this is the only relevant part:

    wbrfs 30
    Looking for embedded skin
    warning, skin is missing element picon in <class 'Plugins.Extensions.webradioFS.wbrfs_funct.webradioFSdisplay12'>
    action -> wbrfsKeyActions ok
    playing 4097:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:http%3a//
    eServiceMP3::playbin2 uri=
    eServiceMP3::starting pipeline
    eServiceMP3::state transition NULL -> READY
    eServiceMP3 missing_codec text/html
    eServiceMP3 missing plugin text/html decoder
    Gstreamer error: Your GStreamer installation is missing a plug-in. (12) from decodebin20
    Gstreamer error: A text/html decoder plugin is required to play this stream, but not installed. (6) from decodebin20
    Gstreamer error: Internal data flow error. (1) from queue20

    This plugin is working fine with oe2.0 on my dm800 but I don't know for your receiver (which one ?) and stick, I have no experience with the other boxes, sorry my friend ;)

    For those with af-9015/9013 stick (maybe others as well ?) dvb-t channel switching sometimes fails because of auto settings in terrestrial.xml, causing wrong tuning and not being able to use the stick without reboot.
    I verified this by comparing multiplex data to tuner status data when it occured.
    After editing terrestrial.xml and re-scanning this problem is solved for me. You have to add at least transmission mode for all channels, other parameters can be left to auto.
    Hope this helps someone.

    you're welcome, it only took me one long night to find the solution, with error messages not revealing much and the cifs package not being available on the feed at the time I had this problem. I almost gave up as well, I understand perfectly the frustration :D

    happy mounting !

    Hi, I had the same problem before. Cifs kernel module was installed but not working with OE2.
    The solution for me was to install additionally cifs package from dreambox update, current version is cifs_3.0.37-r2-dream3_mips32el-nf.ipk.
    My network mount (hdd on raspberry pi =) ) now works perfect, no problem mounting in gp automount or e2 networkbrowser, even easier with gp netscan plugin.
    So check if you have cifs package installed with opkg list cifs

    root@dm800:~# opkg list cifs
    cifs - 3.0.37-r2-dream3

    Hope this helps,

    Best greetings

    Eagle cam Florida

    #SERVICE 4097:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:rtmp%3a// app=ustreamCdn/flash61/12034538 pageUrl=http%3a// swfUrl=http%3a// playpath=streams/live_1 live=1:Southwest Florida Eagle Cam
    #DESCRIPTION Southwest Florida Eagle Cam

    Kitty Cam (Katzen !)

    #SERVICE 4097:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:rtmp%3a// app=ustreamCdn/flash64/2298576 pageUrl=http%3a// swfUrl=http%3a// playpath=streams/live_1 live=1:Friends of Felines Rescue Center 24/7 Kitty Cam
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    Hallo, ich hatte das gleiche Problem mit dm800, habe jetzt das Image und GP3 in Flash gemacht mit Symlinks (Mehr Speicherplatz...).
    Kein Problem mehr mit und Plugin Liste, alles ok.
    Gruße !

    Entschuldigung fur mein deutsch, ich probiere es mal.

    Nach installation einer gp Plugin sollte das Icon eingestellt worden im BP durch die postinst file in /var/lib/opkg/info, und es wird gelöst wenn fertig.

    Diese File sagt " ...." aber es gibt kein auf der box. Also der plugin ist richtig installiert, nur das Icon wird nicht installiert. Mann kann es aber doch manuell installieren uber BP menu. Eben so mit Dreamnetcast, das icon wurde einfach nicht dagestellt weil fehlt.

    Wenn mann jetzt weitere opkg installs macht, wurde immer diese error gezeigt in telnet weil diese postinst Files immer noch da sind, jedoch ohne Probleme fur das aktuelle opkg install.

    oe2 ("bare") in flash, oe2+gp3 auf hdd, ba7.08, dm800s. Keine einstellungen ubernommen van oe1.6 oder sowas, alles sauber gemacht.

    Nochmals entschuldigung fur mein deutsch, ich hoffe es ist jetzt klar.

    Hi, gemini plugins don't show up in blue panel after install because can not be found. is called from postinst files in /var/lib/opkg/info, but it is not present so I have to add the plugin myself in bp setup.
    It seems other people have the same problem ?

    oe2 image on hdd with ba7, dm800s. Gp3 and all working fine, even web browser and hbbtv works, but very slow as expected (just testing 8) )

    Thank you !