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    Hi Speedy,

    great to hear that you are back to work on Enigmalight :)

    While your at it could you please look into the problem with non-standard resolutions? Like 1912x1072 (Grabber 119x66). The light basically works, but the color position is not correct. It seems getting worse from top to bottom.

    Looking forward to the new update!

    Hey Speedy!

    Thanks for the new Update!

    The fix for the resolution seems to work fine. I will test some more "special" resolutions later.

    The Test images for live RGB adjustment are a very good Idea!

    But the delay doesn't seem to work. Even setting the slider to maximum doesn't change the timing between light an picture.


    btw: love your work, finally made a small Donation :)

    Hey Speedy,

    8R3 is running smooth so far.

    But I noticed heavy grabber problems with "unusual" resolutions in MKV files.

    For example 1278x720p (instead of 1280x720p) or 1912x1072p (instead of 1920x1080p)
    Color and position is total wrong for this resolutions. Standard resolutions are working fine.

    Any idea?



    the first light in line starts blinking red every 8-10 sek, when it's getting no signal. Blacklevel set to 30, Sedu-Board

    Hey Speedy!

    Boblight 0.7R7 is running great on my Solo2.

    But I have noticed some red flashes at my lower right corner (start-point). They occur about every 8-10 seconds and last about 0,5-1sec when the picture is dark/black in this corner. Especially at movie credits.

    Any idea what causes this?

    Greetings, Martin

    Hi Speedy,

    Boblight 0.7R6 with additional delay works very well.

    But I noticed an new problem.

    There are some sort of "pre-flashes" of the backlight for the picture 1/2-1/4sek ahead.

    I noticed this at very hard light changes from dark to bright. There is a very short flash oft the upcoming picture. I don´t know, how to describe it better.

    This seems to be a problem with the grabber and the internal delay. Any idea?

    Greetings, Martin

    Hi Speedy!

    Version 0.7R5 is running very well on my Solo2. Great Job!

    But there is still a little sync problem. In every resolution the light is a little bit faster than the picture.
    In 0.7R2 you had a function, where you could add some individual delay in frames. This worked very good for me with 3-5 frames extra delay. But this feature is gone in 0.7R5. Would it be possible to bring it back in a new version?

    Greetings, Martin