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    But it should continue streaming after I change the channel with the remote.

    That would require modifications in box sw. After zapping the box would need to tell streaming clients to stop the current stream and start streaming a new service. With my proposed solution the streaming client user must click stop and start after a zap.


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    Für enigma2 Konnte ich so etwas leider nicht finden.

    It is relatively easy to modify the streaming solution code to suit your needs. You can modify the start button code a little and use this web api command:


    This returns the e2servicereference, eg.


    In that case your live stream link is:


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    do you know i can i do for jwplayer start auto with

    stretching is fill

    in default for have a good format of video 16/9

    I don't have any issues with this. You must just make sure your screen resolution and aspect ratio fits with your physical screen aspect ratio.


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    With some difference i have currently no clue how i can manage the "fast forward / backward" to specific times on that input files from the JW Player (if it is even capeable of this). But a streaming from beginning to end would be possible.

    As discussed during lunch break this can be done by adding a few controls outside the JWplayer and then use VLC's httpd api.

    I don't know yet how to do it for the iOS mediaplayer. Air Video can do it because it is the middleware for the mediaplayer. We must dig a little in the Apple SDK and see if some javascript code can do the same as Air Video does.


    Sadly no one with php skills or other usefull knowledge jumped on the train and wanted to help to develop yet.

    In this forum you see plenty of users but you won't find many devs :)


    I also wanted to reach the end of development on this Proof of Concept Version and use the time on the real modular Version.

    Looking forward to the version that includes full transponder streaming and cleaner php code ;)

    You can not configure a guaranteed maximum bitrate because the video is encoded in variable bitrate (H.264). However, if in the options you configure 12,5 fps, a width of 240 pixel, 200kbs video bitrate and a mono audiostream with a bitrate of 16kbs then the real bitrate is between 150-300kbs. Sometimes there will be peaks higher than 300kbs.

    EDIT: you can edit the min. videobitrate in pages/options.php and put 100 instead of 200. If you then set 100kbs in the options gui and a width of 180 pixel then you can stream with a total bitrate of 100-150kbs. Still good enough on a mobile phone (maybe even still working with an EDGE mobile data connection).


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    Es müsste also irgendwie automatisch die momentane IP vom Router dem Player auf dem Handy übergeben werden.

    Get yourself a free dynamic DNS account, eg. from
    Edit: it seems you got that in the mean time


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    So why does mystream.m3u8 disappear for a second sometimes?

    That file is opened by safari browser on a iOS device.
    It is constantly updated and lists the current segments to be played.
    Here is an example of my mystream.m3u8 at the start of playback.

    If it disappears for a longer time it looks like your PC does not have enough performance to generate a continuous feed of segments.

    No, it works fine also via 3g.

    Perhaps on your server the stream segments can not be created after some time. You can see these segments in the folder called "stream". In my case there are constantly 11 segments active where the segment# in the filename is incremented for each newly created segment. These segments have a certain playtime duration (in my case 2 sec).

    Perhaps some antivirus/security software is blocking segment creation or maybe you don't have enough space or maybe you haven't set the correct permissions on that folder.


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    Yes, I have got the same problem. No issue with PC streaming but once I try to stream via iphone after a while (2 mins or shorter sometimes) it goes back to channel picon and I had to click agan Start button. :rolleyes:

    Try this in config.php:

    define("IPHONE_FORWARD_IN_SECONDS",14); // if you get a file not found after the automatically forward to the m3u8 file just enter a higher value here.
    // sadly the time after the first segment is produced is depending of the channel (HD/SD) whats currently runnig and your streaming options.
    // currently its set to forward after 12 seconds.

    Streaming to iphone with 3g might go a bit smoother with these settings.