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    dear all
    i have DM800 and al jazeera sports as local card.
    i use cccam 2.09 as emu
    i open the 3 al jazeera sports channels but i can't open the HD one.

    is there something i should do to make the HD channel open ?
    my screen is HD also
    is there a free HD channel in nilesat or hotbird so i can test the HD capabelities of this reciever ?

    thank you for your time


    thanks for the reply
    how can i use two cams at the same time ? i the blue panel it says choose one only

    where is the config file of the cccam please?

    I got same problem like you thoura with my DM800 when i tried the Dreamup using the RS232 cable or the lan connection.

    i advice you to make the traditional way for DM800 :

    1- activate DHCP server in your router or any server

    2-plug the power and keep pressing the power boton till the box gets and IP and writes STOP.

    3- you go back to your PC and open your browser and point it to the IP of the DM800

    click on the flash link and put the image that you like to use.

    good luck :404:

    Dear team

    Kindly make some order in the English forum, make sub categories with each box ect..

    I know that this forum is mainly for German speaking, and we thank you for this space but at least make it more decent so every body can learn and can search easly for what he is looking for.
    The Dreambox is going bigger and bigger every day all over the world not in Germany only.

    Thanks in advance for your understanding and action

    thank you very much

    i will try it today, is there any link i can read to learn more about original cards.

    the Dream support team said its not poosible as the built in cam can read dreamcrypt only

    i will let you know

    Dear All

    i have DM 800 HD and Al Jazeera original sports card, how to make it work on the DM 800 please.

    when i insert the card to the DM800 nothing happens

    please help