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    Ahhhh bingo!!!

    Worked matey!

    One question - does it matter that we dnt have same channell settings?

    Or is this kind of "universal" so will work with any settings lists?


    Originally posted by rookieone
    try my lamedb

    guys am i doing something stupid here?

    no matter where i paste those 3 lines, it does not show up?!

    what settings lists are u using?

    does anyone fancy uploading a settings list pls with this fix already attached?

    thanks :)

    Fantastic mate thank you very much!!

    I will try this once I get home from work.

    Thanks again, much aprpeciated! :)

    Thank u so much for the replies. Could someone please translate the previous post into English - I tried google translater but it didnt work too well!!

    Im getting there! :)

    Yeah thats correct. At the minute they only show Euro 2008 games (not all) - after this the service will go fully live soon.

    How did you get it to work, what did you paste into lamedb and where?

    I keep corrupting the file when I try it :frowning_face:


    Ja das ist richtig. Auf der ersten Minute zeigen sie nur 2008 Euro-Spiele (nicht alle) - nach dieser den Dienst gehen in vollem Umfang leben in Kürze.

    Wie haben Sie es zu arbeiten, was haben Sie fügen in lamedb und wo?

    Ich werde weiterhin korrumpieren die Datei, wenn ich versuche es: (



    Originally posted by adenin
    Bei mir gehts. :grinning_squinting_face:
    Allerdings senden die nur ein Bild mit der Aufschrift: This service is currently unavailable.

    Probem is im not sure where to paste all the text :frowning_face:

    I use set-DM800-ROTOR@likra9.6.2008 settings - dnt suppose u or anyne else has the same (or better?) settings with new ITV HD settings in and can send me them pls?

    Or give me more instructions on where to paste the settings?

    Cheers :)


    Originally posted by brumbrum40

    you must reload the settings on your dream
    only a restart doesnt work

    btw itv hd works on the dream

    Hi there.

    Guys - is there any chance we can have some recent motor settings (inc HDTV) in the sat-settings on the gemini addons server?

    Would love t be able to just select new settings that way rather than have to keep manually loading.

    Cheers :)

    cant seem to get it working on the dm800 - once I install it I cant see it on any menu options - I guess cos its enigma2 and not supported?

    anyone else got any ideas please?

    Got it sorted - thanks. I just used dreambox control centre - worked a treat :)

    hi there - first of all thanks fr a GREAT plugin!!

    question is, on my dm800 how do i make it so the plugin can see music/movies (or any folders) on my PC?

    I have shared the folders on network, but now what?

    Hi again!!

    I have installed media centre on my DM800 and was wanting to know how I setup access to shared drives on a PC on my LAN?

    I have shared the folders on my PC (Movies and Music) - thats also what the shares are called.

    Can someone give me a quick walkthru pls?

    Im running Gemini 3.5 on the DB.

    Cheers :)