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    It's working! I added manually the config files.


    Thank you!

    This is not new to me as I found these files, but I cannot find the config files. I will add them manually! Thank you again! I will come later with details.

    P.S. Stupid me, I didn't pressed "quote" button... Sorry!

    I've just installed the image to test it. Unfortunately, Mgcamd 1.35 & NewCS 1.67 are not working (installed with Addon manager). I couldn't find the configuration files. Where normally should be these files for this image? In my Gemini 4.70 image worked fine.


    Yes, indeed! Trying to solve this issue, two weeks ago, no changes made, the box started to restart itself in row. Restarting only Enigma...

    Anyway, I reinstalled the image in the flash and I had the same issue. I think that, all owners having STB running Enigma 1 will suffer of a lack of support from now on. Even the repositories (like does not support anymore Enigma1 for Dreambox. I am sorry for this!

    Any alternatives for an image having email checker supporting SSL?

    Now it seems to be strange...
    OK, try to make the tunnel to your real IP address (the IP address asigned by your provider) and set a specific port in the router to forward all the packets coming to your real IP address on this port to the internal IP address of your box(the IP address defined in your local network for DB). I think this way will work.

    P.S. If your provider is allocating dynamically the IP address for you, you should use Dynamic DNS services...

    Neither did I! I was thinking that it was from the power failure, but now, that you are telling me that you have this issue too, I don't blame this power failure.

    Although, I don't think that google changed something! Again, my big question: Why is not going out any IP packet when I check the google account?

    Yes, I almost forgot about Kiwi. It is a pretty nice piece of software.

    Check if the router the box is connected behind have also syslog daemon and enable it. I recommend also to capture the IP packages that are running to and from your dreambox using a packet sniffer (whireshark could be a good choice!).

    I don't understand exactly, how your box is freezing? Is freezing the input from the remote control or is freezing also the decoding of the stream (the image on your TV set)?

    If your box is freezing in terms that you are not able to input any command from the remote control, maybe is an issue related with the ethernet communication. I have a thread opened into which I am explaining that I have problems with email-Checker on gmail accounts. Trying to solve this issue and filling for server type IMAP (without SSL) and for the connection port, 993, I was able to replicate your issue described here (my box wasn't responding to remote control commands, although the LED on the front panel was blinking - I have a 600PVR...). So, that's why, I recommend you to analyze the traffic your box is making on ethernet interface.

    Dear Rene,

    I think, like you, that the problem resides on SSL (is not working). If I select from the "typ" combobox (intentionally spelled wrong! as appears in interface) IMAP (simply) and fill in 993 for the port, the machine is somehow freezing (is not answering to the remote control requests, but the stream decoding is running) and I able only to restart the machine from telnet console. I told here that I tried with a PC connected in the same LAN to the same router to the same PORT of the router and I was able to connect through IMAP SSL, port 993.

    My big question is this: why is not coming out any IP packet from the box when I manually connect the email-Checker? The syslog daemon is sensing that I stated the application " 901", but when I select update accounts, for SSL enabled accounts, no packet is coming out from the box, although the same syslog daemeon is giving me the lines a pasted above...

    P.S. I almost forgot! Yesterday, I reinstalled the image (Gemini 4.7) and the issue stands still! I can not figure out the cause of it!


    Originally posted by stickedlabel
    Hello, Rene! is the IP of Dreambox. The same IP address appearing in the syslog output even if I get AOL mail headers, which are coming to Dreambox!!! The issue is only with Secure Socket Layer for POP or IMAP. I tested both for gmail account(s) and still not working. Also, the machine is resolving host names...

    This IP address is appearing here, because I capture the syslog messages on some other machine which is running the syslog server, so, the server is identifing the source of syslog message.

    Hello, Rene! is the IP of Dreambox. The same IP address appearing in the syslog output even if I get AOL mail headers, which are coming to Dreambox!!! The issue is only with Secure Socket Layer for POP or IMAP. I tested both for gmail account(s) and still not working. Also, the machine is resolving host names...

    Hello, there!

    If you run some Windows OS, you may use Tftpd32 to capture the syslog messages on your PC. Just google it and you will get to it. I wish you Good luck with it.

    Good evening to everybody!

    Sorry for posting this thread here, but I tried to find a solution for this issue by myself and I tried also on internet, but it seems that no one who run Gemini images (Enigma1) had any problem with email checker.
    The problem started two days ago when I had a power failure. The machine was in standby. Since then I tried several methods to restore the functionality of this feature (email checker): delete all accounts setting, remaking them, delete mailconf.xml and then starting from scratch. I got no results. Then, I enabled syslog daemon on Dreambox and the lines I get are the following:

    <15>enigma: [gPlugin] started /lib/ 902 name 27/03 19:24:29.328
    <15>enigma: [MAIL] check account name typ=IMAP (SSL) 27/03 19:24:29.328
    <15>enigma: [MAIL] error SSL connect 27/03 19:24:29.437
    <15>enigma: [MAIL] ERROR by ConnectServer(2) 27/03 19:24:29.453

    Sometimes, the last line from the above log contains ERROR by ConnectServer(3)

    Also, I tried to capture the packets from Dreambox, but when I try to launch "update all accounts" or "update current account", no packet is sent from Dreambox. Even if I let email-Checker to check the email at the configured time interval, nothing is coming out. All other traffic from Dreambox to internet is captured correctly. I have to tell you that I am using gmail account with email-Checker and I set up the account to use IMPA SSL (port 993). This feature worked before power failure event. Also, I tried from my PC to get the emails using IMAP SSL (port 993) from the same network and everything is running smoothly.

    Does anyone has any idea how to fix this? I am running Gemini 4.70

    Thank you in advance!