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    Hi all. I am trying to make a IPK to update user bouquets on a DM800.

    Before dropping new files to /var/etc/enigma2 i first check in preinst if there are already settings installed en if installed I remove them. My preinst looks like this.

    #Put installed settings into variable
    installed=`opkg list_installed |grep gp-setting`
    #remove installed settings opkg
    remove $installed

    If I execute this script the installed settings are removed.

    But the problem is that when I pack this preinst script in a IPK the settings are not removed.

    Does Anyone know what I am doing wrong ?


    I need to execute a few scripts on bootup of DM500 but can't find a place where to add the commands. Can anyone point me to the right file to place in the entries to start scripts during bootup.

    I have tested several IDE2USB addapter in a DB7025+ none of them worked. Some how the OS is not initalizising the addapter.

    For who wants to know also adapter IDE2SATA are not working eighter. After I found that IDE2USB was failing to work I tried to go from IDE to (E)SATA but this also failed to work.

    Almost the same problem here it is impossible to view a DVD over the network video is stuttering and audio is not in sync with video.

    The problem audio out of sync was always there but the stuttering video in Gemini 3.9 is new.

    Anyone has a solution ? Maybe network driver is changed ?

    Thanks for fast reply. This solved the problem, but is it now posible to use the changed plugin also in Gemini 3.8 and below ?

    By the way now a new problem with I think network is introduced that wasn't here in Gemini 3.8 I will make a new topic for that.


    I use this plugin to execute scripts but now I upgraded to Gemini 3.9 it chrashes my DB. I also included the crash log. Can anyone help me what's going wrong? This always worked up to gemini 3.8.


    @ johnbock

    Thanks for your help but somehow I cant get this to work. I placed youre line behind the line "for x in dir:"

    This is not exactly what I ment but this is also verry handy. What I ment was a routine to make the plugin only show .sh files and no .cfg files.

    I found a solution and made this below. It is working almost the way I want it. Now I only need to figure out the folowing.

    - A filter so that only *.sh files are visible
    - How to create a IPKG installable package.

    At this point I figured out hou to create a menu structure and select items. What I don't get to work is executing an shell script.

    Can someone point me in the right direction on executing an shell script from a python plugin, code below is not working.

    I want to create a python scrip that can start a few shell scripts, This script I want to place under the blue button (press long)

    I figured out how to create a python script and place it under the blue button.

    I need help in creating a python menu with some items to start shell scripts ? Who can help me a litle?


    I know this board is mainly in german but I'm not writing verry well in this language so I do in english Sorry for that.

    To the topic:
    I figured out how to mount a external usb DVD-rom to the 7025 and can play the VOB files from a DVD with the media player without propper menu an subtitle selection. (not every USB dvdplayer is working)

    My question is if someone has already started to code a DVD player plugin for the 7025 ? And if I can help by making an plugin to play DVD's ?

    regards Albert